Featherlite 25cc wont start

Featherlite 25cc wont start

From: Gavin

I have a featherlite 25cc, it gets spark, the priming bulb is full and I have even dried out the cylinder making sure it is not flooded…it gets gas into the cylinder but refuses to fire! I bought the POS from walmart about 2-1/2 months ago…Heck I even tried starter fluid trying to get it to fire.

Hello Gavin

Two stroke motors basically have three causes if they are not starting. Namely, spark, compression and gas. Based on your description you may have a compression issue. Two strokes do not like to loose air when cranking over.

Try these steps:

A. Remove the air filter cover (with a screwdriver) and take out the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter. Use a combination of an old toothbrush, rag and a small amount of gas to clean around areas around the filter and filter cover on the featherlite. Reinstate all above back to working order.

B. Remove the muffler cover (with a screw driver) and slide the spark arrestor screen out. Clean this also using the same method at A. Replace the screen if it is sooted up heavily with carbon. Check inside the exhaust port of the muffler to see if it is blocked or damaged.

C. A quick way to check the compression is to pull the featherlite off the ground by the starter cord. If the featherlite drops from its own weight and the cord naturally pulls out then you have low compression. Check the puller cord mechanisms to ensure no parts are damaged.

D. Ensure that your carburettor is tuned and get a mechanic to conduct a compression test. If you have a compression tester you can do this yourself. If you have very bad compression you will need to get the engine overhauled with new valves, gaskets and piston seals. This will properly be more expensive than buying a new unit.

To properly ensure that you have overcome a flooded carburettor please try the following:

Place the featherlite flat. Push the choke switch to “RUN” and pull the cord a few times to clear excess gas. Excess gas will clear after a few pulls of the cord. This will be longer if flooding is more. When excess gas is cleared hold the throttle and pull the cord.

I hope this helps.

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