Featherlite FL200 Shield Bracket

I have been trying to find a part for my FL20 weedeater, but no one has it, I need the bracket that holds the shield on. I can find the shield assy and I actually boought one, but the bracket that holds it onto the actual weedeater is not part of the kit and isn’t numbered in the user manual diagram, so I can’t order the part!! Can you Please please help???? Thank you in advance for your help with this. Paul

Hi Paul,

Yes unfortunately the Bracket is part of the drive shaft kit and nobody sells it separately (well nobody I have managed to find). Hope this helps.


Weedeater Runs For a Few Seconds

I have replaced the fuel lines/filter and the carb on the Weedeater Featherlite blower fb25 but have the same exact results as with the old fuel lines and carb. Engine will start and run for a few seconds then die. I bought the special adjustment tool and have the carb adjusted correct but this thing still wont run right.

Any suggestions ?


Hi Gary,

When your Weedeater start and runs only for a few seconds before shutting down usually is due to the carburetor. On the assumption that you have replaced and correctly adjusted the carburetor (To correctly adjust the carburetor use our guide here!) I would now check the engine. The first thing I would check is the engine compression.

Please follow our guide below:

How to Compression Test a Weedeater Featherlite



Weed Eater XT 200 and PL 200 Engine Displacement

I have 2 Weed Eaters, a PL 200 and an XT 200 featherlight. What are the engine displacements of them? Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

The PL 200 is a 25cc engine whereas the XT 200 is a 21cc engine.



Primer Bulb Replacement – FX26SCE

I need to replace the primer bulb on my FX26SCE. I found a link on your site but the 4 results did not show compatibility. Can you tell me which part # I need?



Hi Sean,

Unfortunately the FX26SCE carburetor was designed whereby the primer bulb could not be replaced independently. Many people are frustrated with this as they usually need to replace the entire carburetor just to fix the perished primer bulb. I have to date not heard of any work arounds.

Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help.


Weedeater Featherlite with Single String Bump And Go Head

I own a weed eater featherlite model with a single string bump and go head. I need a new one and can’t find one. have you discontinued this model and if not where can I find one?




Hi James,

You can look and compare the new models of the Weed Eater Brand below:

Compare Models

I would suggest a W25CBK or W25SBK.




Carb Adjustment Wrench

I need a carburetor adjustment wrench for a Weedeater featherlite blower that I purchased in 2005. The vendor keeps sending me (two already) the B11182 splined driver which is too big. Does the Model FL1500 “i” take a special wrench!

Love my Featherlite.



Hi Troy,

Check out our range of carburetor adjustment tools below:

Carburetor Adjustment Tools



Weedeater Featherlite Gas-Oil Mixtures

All of my Poulan weed trimmers & blowers take a 40:1 fuel-oil mix. Sometimes it takes awhile to start them if they sat for 6 months or longer. I use fuel stabilizer & carb cleaner designed for 2 cycle engines (3/4-1oz. per gal. of gas). Would you recommend a 50:1 fuel-oil mix for easier starting & if so, will the thinner mixture cause more wear & possible seizing of the piston in the cyl?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Greg,

In short, no. The engine needs the oil particularly when starting after a lengthy lay up period. You are right, a 50:1 fuel-oil mix will increase wear and reduce the life of your trimmer. To be honest 2-stroke engines laid up for 6-months will always be harder to start regardless of the fuel-oil mix. You could either start your weedeaters a couple of times during your lay up period or persevere when starting your trimmers at the beginning of spring. 4-Stokes do perform better when laid up over the winter when compared to 2-strokes.



FL20 Type 1 and 2

What is the difference between a feather lite weedeater fl 20 type 1 and type 2, Thanks Mario

Hi Mario,

The main difference between the FL20 Type 1 and 2 is the carburetor. Type 1 used a Walbro Carb whilst Type 2 uses a Zama Carb. Also type 1 and 2 have different parts within the shaft and head of the trimmer.



1500 LE Stalls

1500 LE blower started and ran great. Then, suddenly, when you try to move the throttle control off idle even a little bit. Then it stalls. Fuel lines clean. All connections seem fine. Any suggestions? Thanks Charles

Hi Charles,

Definitely a carburetor adjustment issue. Follow our carb adjustment guides below:

How to Adjust Your Carburetor



Weedeater Head Doesn’t Spin After Replacing Line


My weed eater was working fine but I ran out of line. I replace line like usual and it starts but it doesn’t spin.



Hi Elongia,

Did you replace the trimmer line properly? I think that is what has caused the problem. Remove the trimmer line and replace using one of our guides:







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