What is the Gas Mixture for my FL1500 Gas Blower

Please tell me the gas mixture for my Weedeater Featherlite FL1500 gas leaf blower.



Hi Jack,

Your gas/oil mixture is 40:1 according to the manual. Make sure the oil is specifically for 2-cycle air cooled engines.




Where Can I Buy Replacement Cartridges for My SST25

Owning 1 of your products has worked out really well for until the last 3 months, I have not been unable to buy cartridges for my featherlite sst25. Can you help?



Hi Benard,

Your replacement cartridge (Trimmer line head) can be purchased online here.




Does W25SBK Use the Same Spool and Trimmer as SST25

Will the W25SBK take the same spool and trimmer line as the SST25. It looks like the W25SBK model has superceded the SST25. I hope that I get a reply. Thank you for your help, time and information!! Have a Great Day!!



Hi Randy,

Unfortunately no. The SST25 used a fixed line spool. The W25SBK uses a tap n’ go feed system. However the W25SFK uses a fixed line system similar to SST25.




WCC60 Shrub Clipper Replacement Battery

I have a weedeater shrub clipper 6vdc model wcc60 . I need a new battery part #700228 can you help?



Hi Doug,

Unfortunately the WCC60 Weedeater shrub clipper parts have been discontinued.



Where can I buy a FL20 Weedeater Featherlike

I cant seem to purchase your FL20 weedeater anywhere Have tried buying on your site on the purchase models page and it doesn’t have a buy button also checked major retail stores My wife loves this model please help.



Hi Steve,

Unfortunately weedeater have discontinued the FL20 model. However they have developed a lightweight replacement know as the W25CFK that only weights 9 pounds.



SST25 Straight Shaft with Tap’n Go

Do you still manufacture the Featherlite sst25 straight shaft “touch and go” All I see is the reel at the bottom with three tabs to cut the grass. thank you look forward to hearing from you!

The SST25 Straight Shaft with tap’n go is the SST25CE.  You can find it below:




I Want a Light Weight Single String Weedeater

I purchased a featherlite product a few years ago. The sku# is 952711334. I am trying to get this product again. It was the easiest item to use and now it needs much work to keep it running. I purchased another weed eater earlier this year and I am not satisfied. All I want is another single thread weed eater. (featherlite).

Thank you for your help,


Hi barbara,

Please check out our comparison guide where you can find the lightest trimmer for the job:





My weedeater stopped and will not start back

My weedeater stopped running and will not start back. i have replaced the fuel filter,fuel lines both,and put in a new spark plug. when you check the plug you get a blue spark,but when you put the plug back in the weedeater it will not fire. i have changed the gas in the tank just incase there was water in the old gas. the primer bulb stays full when pumped up. the gas is getting to the plug but no fire. this is the second weeder from your company i have bought. i recomend your product to everone who is looking for a weeder. please help me all you can and thanks for your time.  Robert b. Whitt jr.

HI Robert,

You could be having a number of problems with your weedeater.  However the most likely is centred around your carburetor.  I think your carburetor needs adjusting, this is the simplest check.  Please check out our step by step guide and video tutorials below:





FL20 Trimmer Line

My dealer thinks that this model (FeatherLite fl20) has been discontinued. Can I still get string for it?



Hi David,

Your model is a tap’n go small gas powered weedeater.  You can find trimmer line for it below:




0214LT:EM /21cc Fuel Lines

I have a featherlite serial #01164N702529-1 Family1PWES, 0214LT:EM /21cc

I need the two fuel lines for it. Can you send me the parts list with pricing?

Thanks Brent

Hi Brent

Please find a link to our fuel lines page:



I hope that helps!


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