Replacing String

Replacing the Trimmer Line

Rewinding the trimmer head usually means that you must disassemble the spool on your Featherlite product. Only the new string trimmers have a spool that manually loaded once lasts, until the cord is worn. Those lawn trimmers are double lined but the nylon string is one, uncutted piece. The replacement line has not have the ends protruding out: it is arched and feeds automatically, unlike the one on bump trimmers. To bump the trimmer head means to press it on the ground while operating, to “bump” head feeder that extends the trimmer line.

Please check out the repair videos or step by step instructions below on how to replace trimmer line.

If you are fed up with trimmer line and want to try blades use our alternatives here.

We also offer a selection of professional grade trimmer line so you can weed wack like the pros.  To find out more click here.

How to Replace Trimmer Line

1. Restring Weedeater Featherlite trimmer by removing the cap on the trimmer head first. Unscrew it and put close to hand. You will see later why is important to keep the cap in a know place.
2. As you have removed the cover, the spool comes off. See what trimmer style you own- single or double line. Dual lined trimmers have two channels to re-line. Cut a 10 to 25 feet long replacement line and find the small hole on the spool. Tip: cut the end of the trimmer line angled to make handling easier.
3. Pass the end of the cutting line through the starting hole. Now look at the arrow for direction when wrapping- it shows the way you should wind the spool. Wrap the spool in rows precisely so it could feed the line from the trimmer head properly. An untidy wrapped string could snag when trimming. Some line trimmers have a quick feeder for fast replacing. When restringing, just squeeze the string through the tiny hole and bump several times to re-line. Quick feeder is available in shops specialized for gardeners as an additional feature for Weedeater Featherlite. Force keeps the string taut and it feeds automatically when it becomes worn.
4. Once the spool is wrapped, put it back on the trimmer head. Line the spool with a slot on the head so it could fit in and pull the trimmer line through the socket. Rotate the spool by about 45 degrees, or as much as it can be tightened. In case you have dual line Weedeater trimmer, use the retainer on the side to hold the nylon line while replacing the other. Reattach the retaining cap to assemble the string trimmer again. It makes much easier if you do not need to look for a cap while holding the string to prevent unwrapping. Your Weedeater Featherlite is now ready to go!

Need More String? Or use our String Size Guide.

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