Professional Grade Trimmer line

Professional grade trimmer line is sort after for people who want tougher and longer lasting trimmer line when weed wacking. The pros use this high grade line in bulk to both keep their costs low and weed wack as efficiently as possible for their customers.

The three largest commercial trimmer line brands on the market are:


LoNoiz is manufactured by Desert Extrusion Corporation, the largest supplier of trimmer line to the commercial lawn and garden industry. Advanced design technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing, rigid quality control and use of the finest raw materials all contribute to superior trimmer line performance. The proof lies with the home owner and their continuing satisfaction with the performance of Cyclone trimmer line.


Commercial grade. Patented, five-edge trimmer line. Cleaner cutting and 18% faster cutting than round line. Reduces drag on engine. Excellent cutting performance. Recommended for fixed, manual and tap-n-go trimmer heads.


Try our professional trimmer line range Gatorline. This long lasting, premium co-polymer material fits all standard trimmer heads, this trimmer line is user friendly and is designed to limit tangles.

Learn how to restring a trimmer head by following our how to guide here

ProductBrandDiameter / SizeLength (feet)SuitabilityPurchase

LoNoiz0.065"1,815Gas & Electric TrimmersBuy Now

LoNoiz0.095"885Gas TrimmersBuy Now

LoNoiz0.105"700Large Gas TrimmersBuy Now

LoNoiz0.130"455Large Gas TrimmersBuy Now

Cyclone0.065"1,815Gas & Electric TrimmersBuy Now

Cyclone0.080"1,205Gas TrimmersBuy Now

Cyclone0.105"700Large Gas TrimmersBuy Now

Cyclone0.155"315High Wheel TrimmersBuy Now

Cyclone0.130"36 x 18"Gas Trimmers with fixed headsBuy Now

Oregon0.08"1,248Gas & Electric TrimmersBuy Now

Oregon0.08"980Gas TrimmersBuy Now

Oregon0.095"1,445Gas TrimmersBuy Now

Oregon0.130"459Large Gas TrimmersBuy Now

Oregon0.105"50 x 8"Gas Trimmers with fixed headsBuy Now

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