Trimmer Line

Round or Square String Trimmer Line

Weedeater Featherlite string trimmer works much better with a good trimmer line. Every replacement line has label including diameter size, length, shape and purpose. The size determines the diameter of the nylon cord while the shape, round or square, characterizes the type of use.
Round trimmer line is suitable for tidy lawn edges and waker Weedeater Featherlite grass trimmer models. It tends to brake less often when hitting a stone or tree. Square cutting line offers more efficiency, especially when working on overgrown gardens with large bushes. Power and clean cut made by the sharp edges make a great difference and provides a better experience, but the square line has its own deficiencies. This product cuts faster and unfortunately makes more noise, breaks frequently and tangles easily while working or trying to rewind a spool.

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Spool Length

The length of the nylon string can range up to few hundred feet. In order to save money, professionals buy 1000 to 2000 foot bulk because they spend hundreds of feet per day. For an average customer, that is not a good idea. If you see 3-pack spools in the shops or large bulks, the first thing on your mind would be: “Is this really an economical purchase, I’ll buy 1000 foot long trimmer line for the next six years!”. Four years later the string line becomes too old and fragile so you end up throwing away 600 foot to the garbage, since you use it just few times a year. Be careful when buy trimmer line- consider your requirements first! As an additional feature for Weedeater Featherlite line trimmer, quiet and extra durable spools are available in specialized shops or webshops.

Diameter Size

The diameter size varies from 0.040 inch or 1 mm (0.1cm) for light-duty performance, to up to 0.170 inch or 4.3 mm for demanding gardening jobs. Electric string trimmers are limited to 0.100 inch or 2.5 millimeters thick replacement line. The thicker cords are made for strimmer with a powerful gas fueled engine. Weedeater Featherlite lawn trimmer with a 20cc engine should be rewind with .040 to .080 inch replacement line and used in the back yard or a small garden. Shrubs, stones or metal pieces could break the thin line more likely so it’s appropriate for clean lawns. The grass that grows around our houses is the same like the one on the golf course or football field and that’s a fine place to use Weedeater on. Heavy-duty 30cc weed wacker should load a spool with .090,.110 trimmer line or even .150 inch trimming cord made for gas-powered trimmers only. Swinging the string is not possible with a weak line trimmer but mighty ones cut through tough weeds like a knife through butter. Spooled line can be even .170 inch thick, which is actually 4.3 millimeter. The trimmer slices through high grass, bushes, ivy and it’s possible to use it on any type of lawn surface, no matter how thick the weeds are. Refilling the spool with proper trimming line means a lot when spending a whole day trimming with Weedeater Featherlite. Professional gardeners note that it is more important to have quality equipment than to save few bucks and bump the trimmer or replace the line every 10 minutes.


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