FL1500LE Replacement Carburetor

I need a new carbureter for our Weedeater Feather lite leaf blower.
model #FL1500LE 711486. can you help me please? Thank you,Bob

Hello Bobby,

The FL1500LE blower has a carburetor with the part number:


You can purchase a replacement here:

Carburetor 530071629

Where can I purchase a Weedeater Featherlite

I brought a weedeater featherlite years ago and I am looking where I can purchased another one. Can you tell me a store I can buy one from. I live in Benton,Louisiana 71006 Bigger cities near me Shreveport, and Bossier City, La

Hello Jean,

You can always buy them at your local hardware store.  However you will 
find better deals on the internet.  I have had a look on the internet 
for you, check them out at the link below below:

We also have a comparison page on our website displaying all the technical
details and with links to where you can buy:


Featherlite Carb/w Bulb

My weed eater bulb cracked it is 8 months old isnt the carb/w bulb under warranty and where do i go for repair/mcallen texas 78504


Hello Lane,

Weedeaterfeatherlite.com is not the official website for the weedeater 
brand.  If the unit is in warranty I would suggest taking it back to the 
place you bought it from, do not forget the original receipt.  If you need
to buy a new bulb they are easy to replace, we have a how to video and 
parts on our website at:
Replacing the primer Bulb 

Weedeater Featherlite Carb Adjustment

I have a unit that does not run smoothly. Where can I get a tool to adjust the carburetor?


Hello Willard,

To adjust the carb follow our how to guide below:
Adjusting the carburetor

FL1500LE Part

FL1500LE Starter Kit Assembly Part

From: Justin

What is the price on a starter kit assbly Part # 4 on the drawing? Can I order direct from the company? Fl1500LE blower Ser#06115N201746-5

Hello Justin,

The part number for the FL1500LE Starter Kit Assembly is 530071792

Please click the link below to find the price:

FL1500LE Starter Kit Assembly

Featherlite FL21 Starter Pulley

Featherlite FL21 Starter Pulley

From: Kalle

Have an old FL21 That have given me good service for a long time. But now I need a new starter pulley. I believe the part# is 530069400.Can you help me locate the closest dealer.

Hello Kalle

Please find link attached to purchase a new Starter pulley:

#530069400 Starter Pulley

Featherlite FL20 Fuel Lines and Tank

Featherlite FL20 Fuel Lines and Tank

From: Jim

I was given this unit by next door neighbors family after the parents both passed away. It ran fine last year, but won’t start this year. I always use Sta-bil in the fuel mixture and empty tank when put up. I filled it with fresh gas & oil mixture, but it failed to start. I used some of the “Mechanic in a Bottle” sold at Walmart since only 10% ethanol/reg fuel was available last year. It now starts but only till the primed the fuel runs out. I also noticed there were no fuel lines going down into the tank, just the two connectors near the cap on the inside. Could the lines have disolved or hardened and dropped into the tank? I also noticed the card gasket is two piece, which piece goes on top the thin one or the thick one.

Hello Jim

Please find links below where you can purchase both fuel lines:

FL20 Parts


FX26SC Weedeater Shield

FX26SC Weedeater Shield

From: Martin

I am trying to find the part number to order a new shield for my weedeater and I am not sure if it comes as a complete kit or a seperate item. It shows it grouped together as a kit with all the other part numbers, but does not show shield with part number.

Hello Martin

The part number for the shield is 530071795.  The shield can be purchased at the link below:

FX26SC Shield



Where Can I Get A Carburetor Adjusting / Adjustment Tool

Carburetor Adjusting / Adjustment Tool

From: Jack

Where can I get a Carburetor tool that allows me to adjust the carburetor on my Weedeater featherlite?

Hello Jack

You may purchase a Carburetor Adjustment Tool that suits any Weedeater Featherlite from the following Link:

Carburetor Adjustment Tool



FL25 Cutting Head

FL25 Cutting Head

From: Jacob

How much does the cutting head part 18 cost?


Hello Jacob

Please find a link for a replacement FL25 cutting head:

FL25 Cutting Head




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