Weedeater Featherlite stuck rope issue

Hi All,

It has been five now that I am using my Weedeater Featherlite. Overall, I am happy with it but from last two day, it has stopped working. A rope has stuck in the Weedeater. I have tried to fix it but nothing works. Please guide



Hi Tom,

Hello, do not stress out this rope sometimes stuck because it is twisted, however at times the real culprit is starting oil. Moreover, it is also possible that spring is displaced or in case rope does not pull in, it might be broken. Sometimes, the issue is deep inside the Weedeater’s engine. You can seek help from a professional mechanic.

Weedeater Featherlite XT114 Problem with pull start

Hello Guys,

I am having a hard time in pull starting my Weedeater Featherlite XT114. It became very difficult to pull the cord. Kindly tell me the ways of fixing it.

Thanks a lot


Hi Ellen,

The most important part of any Weedeater is pull start. Well, you can fix it at home by simply following the above given steps of disassembling and fixing the Weedeater’s pull start in order to make it work.

  • Firstly, remove a sparkplug cord. Turn your Weedeater for making the pull start easily available.
  • Now remove all the screws. Remove a fixed spring clip, rope rotor, pawl and washer from the middle of housing.
  • Afterwards, link an overhand loop at pull start cord. Carefully, feed a free end through the uppermost part of the pull hand.
  • Now, thread the cord via a hole in starter rotor. Place the washer and pawl back on Weedeater’s starter post.
  • Add tightness to the rotor assemblage by simply turning it 6 times counterclockwise. Be very careful while holding the rotor in its place.
  • Finally, release a rotor & guide the cord onto a rotor slowly. This will stiff and wind the cord on a rotor. Your work is done just place a cover back on it.

Weedeater Featherlite FL20 not cutting the grass


The engine of my five years old Weedeater Featherlite FL20 is running/working well, but unluckily it is not cutting the grass. Everything seems ok. Please help



Hi Mark,

Generally, this is a clear indication that the string has come out. It is an important part of the Weedeater as it does the whole work of grass cutting. The simple way of replacing this string is to purchase the string replacement sealed unit. If you want to save your money, it is better for you to restring the Featherlite Weedeater yourself. Stay save & follow the instructions given in the user manual.

Weedeater Featherlite SST25 Line Replacement

Hello Guys,

I am here to share any problem with you all regarding my two years old Weedeater Featherlite SST25. I need your suggestions on urgent basis. Well, the problem is, whenever I tap the trimmer’s end on the ground, the line does not advances. What should I do?

Thanks a lot


Hi Ben,

I would advise replacing the line for keeping the Weedeater Featherlite ready to use properly. You can call a professional mechanic for this task. If you are doing this on your own then always remember to keep the line extended fully when in use & avoid holding a Weedeater head extremely close to the hard items for reducing line breakage.

Featherlite Trimmer SST25 only works in choke

Hi Folks,

My Featherlite Trimmer SST25 only works in choke. What is the matter? Is something serious? Please help



Hi Bill, The trimmer let users regulate the air and fuel mixture in the carb with manual settings of choke. The carb operates on the mixture of air and fuel. This mix burns & as a result produces power. Moreover, a choke lever closes and opens a chimney to the mixing section, which controls air from a filter once the engine starts. The air will not reach the chamber when the choke is on. Conversely, air comes in easily from an air filter when choke is off. You have do the following things:


  • Install brand new fuel filter and fuel lines
  • Check gas cover
  • Check the carb
  • Seek professional help if required

Featherlite Trimmer’s line winds down


The line of my Featherlite trimmer keeps unwinding. There is no regular pattern behind it as it unwinds the trimmer’s line whenever it wants. What should I do?

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated


Hi Eric,

At first, it seems that reel is defective. Well, it might be only affected because of the unwanted things in the reel where it closely mounts to the trimmer. Check the user manual as it explains the different ways of cleaning and lubricating the spool. In case, you cannot fix this issue, the replacement will serve as the best option.

Featherlite Trimmer FL1500 starts well then stalls

Hi All,

My Featherlite FL1500 trimmer starts in a right way but after few minutes, it fails to work. I have checked the different parts & connections of the trimmer. Everything looks perfect however; the problem is still there. Kindly share your views.

Thanks in advance


Hello Craig, it is a common problem in Featherlite trimmers. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • The trimmer’s spark arrestor is blocked with soot
  • The trimmer’s carburetor and fuel filter is clogged
  • The air filter is blocked due to dust.

Do seek help from the Featherlite professional to check the different parts in detail.

Weedeater Featherlite SST25C engine idle problems

Hello Everyone,

My Weedeater Featherlite SST25C’s engine is having some issues. Sometimes, it runs fast & sometimes quite slowly. I am worried due to this issue as the Weedeater is just one year old. Please help.

Looking for your suggestions


Hi John,

When the Weedeater’s engine hangs around faster than it has to be or even runs slowly & be likely to die than, you should take some precautionary measures. You can fix this issue easily with a turn of the screw. It is important to note that Weedeater Featherlite SST25C has just single idle speed change screw thus, making adjustment an easy thing. Just start the Weedeater & let to idle. Now, turn a bolt to the right for increasing the idle speed & one the hand to your left for decreasing it. Lastly, turn a bolt slowly up until the Weedeater responds properly.

Featherlite SST25 Weedeater what is the right oil-gas ratio


I am here to know the right oil-gas ratio in order to run my Featherlite SST25 Weedeater. Please give your feedback.



Hello Nicole, the right ratio of oil to gas mixture is one part oil to forty parts gas for your Featherlite SST25 Weedeater. The recommended way of mixing both is to begin by adding one gallon of normal lead-free gas to the gas canister. Afterward, pour in 3.3 oz. bottle of high-quality dual cycle engine oil. You can use two methods for sealing the gas i.e. either cover the gas canister or even turn the control valve inward & tighten it. Give all the substances a strong shaking for 5 minutes to mix them evenly. Now, add this mixture to a gas tank for Weedeater. Shake the canister again before filing the engine because gas and oil separate from one another in the canister.

Featherlite Trimmer’s Head is not turning


What has to be done when trimmers’ head failed to turn? I am facing this issue since last two days. Please give your suggestions.

Thank you so much


Hi Tim,

Before coming to the main point, I would like to share that when the Weedeater fails to start, the breakdown frequently has something to do directly with cleanliness problems in the carburetor & some issues with the spark socket. However, when the trimmer’s head is not turning, the reason is always mechanical. Well, you can solve this issue by cleaning the spark arrestor, air filter, and head. You might need to take apart the trimmer in order to replace the clutch or drive shaft.  

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