Featherlite Dual Spool

Dual Spool

From: Michelle D.

I recently purchased a featherlite dual spool. I’ve rewound the line – per the instructions and at first everything worked fine. Now, i get about a minute or so of use before the line singes up inside the spool head and won’t feed out. I continue to tap while i’m trimming, but the line still seems to fuse together on the spool and breaks off. Any suggestions?

Hi Michelle,
what brand do you use? I’m asking this because poor quality or old lines tends to break. Have you rewind the trimmer properly? Here’s video describing how professionals do it.

Are FL1500 and FL1500LE Parts same?

Featherlite FL1500

From: Phillip C.

I need some replacement parts, all I can find on the site is model FL1500LE. Are these the same units, if I order parts under the LE will they work on the FL1500? (gas line tubing)
2nd question – I am also looking for the rubber push piece that pumps gas into the carb. before you start it. I just need the rubber push piece itself. I don’t see that anywhere on the P/L?
Thanks for any help.

Hi Phillip,
units usaully have different parts. I didn’t understand which part exactly are you looking for? For FL1500LE there are two lines I could find: #18 Kit-Fuel Line #530069599, and #19 Grommet-Fuel Line #530053314. About second question, can you please find it on FL1500 parts list so I can give you exact part number.

Replacement Trigger for FL20


From: Mellena S.

I am looking for a replacement trigger for this model.

Hi Mellena,
replacement trigger for FL20 can be found on this page, under the part number #2 or serial number 530058000.

Weed Eater Feather Lite SST25 Stopped Working

Weed Eater FeatherLite SST25

From: Thomas C.

The motor stopped while using. I noticed that the thinner of the 2 plastic tubes from the primer bulb to the gas tank came out of the gas tank. I replaced the tube. It now seems like the bulb don’t want to fill with gas and when I tried staring it, at first it run 3 seconds before stopping. I tried again and again… now its up to about 8 seconds before it stops. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Hi Thomas,
sorry but the only way I can help you by referring parts for SST25. There’s a list of parts for engine of your trimmer including the primer bulb, fuel lines etc.

FL20 Debris Shields and Edge Guide


From: Jack M.

I need this 2 part for Featherlite FL20. Where do I find it?
-Debris Shields
-Edge Guide

Hi Jack,
cant find those on FL20 parts list. Are you sure about the model? Debris shield should be part # 182002.

Featherlite Product from 2003 Model Number

Featherlite 2003 US EPAPH2

From: Gu X.

Hi there, I need the model # of my Featherlite, which has a small plate saying:
2003 US EPA PH2
3PWES 0183TZ
18cc: EM *
03038N5049*2-4 (19:29)
Mod:Featherlite 711768
( * means STH not legible), thank you very much!

Hi Gu,
well it hard to say- its probably FL18, but you can use “Weedeater 18cc” when searching for parts or something.

Weedeater Starting after Winter


From: Kathy S.

Last year in July I purchased a WLT 24 re-chargeable weedeater. It worked perfectly the 2 months I used it. When I tried to start it up this year, it will not take a charge at all or make any sound at all. It was stored in my home, all winter and I know there was no damage done to it. I purchased it at Walmart in Tomah, WI. Can you help in any way? Thank you, Kathy.

Hi Kathy,
you surely have warranty, why don’t you use it? It’s way much better than trying to fix it yourself. Moreover, I really don’t have an idea what kind of malfunction could it be…

Xtreme FX26SCE Gas Trimmer won’t Keep Running

Featherlite Xtreme FX26SCE Gas Trimmer

From: Rita C.

I bought this trimmer for my husband for Father’s Day (he asked for it) and he has tried four times to get it to run. It’ll start but won’t keep running. When he give it gas it dies. I’m surprised it hasn’t been thrown across the yard. I’ve been reading options on the internet which suggest adjusting the carburetor. How is this done? I paid $90 for this trimmer and would like to get some use out of it. The store receipt says not to return to the store. We do not have small engine repair shops in our county.

Hi Rita,
there’s an answer to similar question above: Since the carburetor controls the spinning speed of trimmer while idle, screwing/unscrewing a tiny screw on it will change the weedeater’s speed. Carburetor is usually located near the air filter or muffler. You have troubles with running speed, just try does turning the screw clockwise help. Rotating it counterclockwise is also a possibility- try and see how the trimmer runs.

FL20 Trimmer Starting Instructions

FL20 trimmer starting

From: Shawn Mc.

I was given a FL20 series trimmer secondhand. The user manual on your web page does not include starting instructions. Can you email me a PDF version of the complete manual?

Hi Shawn,
I’m sorry, cannont find the full manual, but I suggest you to watch some how to videos. They are much more illustrative.

Dissatisfied with Weedeater Featherlite


From: Dave M

I bought one in the late fall and took it out of the box this spring. I used once and now when I go to use it starts and then dies. This should not be happening on a new weed eater. So, at this point I am extremely dissattisfied with your product.

Hi Dave,
remember, Weed Eater has provided a warranty for two years as it states in the manual. You can still use your warranty and replace the trimmer.

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