Spool for 18cc Trimmer

Weed eater Featherlite trimmer

From: Pam P.

We have purchased a used Weedeater Featherlite trimmer and need to know what spool we need to get for this. There was no manual with it. The trimmer doesn’t say anything on the plastic as to the model #. I did see #711334 and 18cc. Serial # 02304NF02926. Can you help me out? Thanks, Pam.

Hi Pam,
You can buy a new spool line without looking at the service manual. Gas trimmers have thicker trimmer line than electric trimmers, so purchasing a trimmer line around 0,100″ would be okay for your 18cc Weedeater.

Extreme FX 26S Replacement Debris Shield

Extreme FX 26S

From: Kim V.

Where can I purchase a replacement debris shield for FX265? I live in Great Falls, MT. Thanks, Kim.

Hi Kim,
Please find Weedeater Extreme FX 26S has one part matching your search, Kit-Shield Assy part number # 530071795.r

FL20C Lower Shaft and new String Head

FL20C Lower Shaft and String Head

From: Mike H.

Dear sir,

I purchased my Featherlite FL20C at Walmart in April 2011, have had good luck with it till last week. The case above the string head melted. It was the wierdest thing I ever have seen, I didn’t keep reciept so I imagine your company won’t warranty it but I am hoping you can help me in some way to repair it. I need the lower shaft and new string head where it unscrews in the middle the complete lower part needs replaced, can you write me back with what that will cost me to repair. Thanks.

Hi Mike,
This is not the official company’s website. But we can support you with parts you are looking for. Part “Kit-Lower Shaft” at 15th position has code #545008062, “Accy-TNG IV Cutting Head” is #952701666. Please check it on parts diagram before ordering, diagram is here.

Remove the Original Trimmer Head


From: Fontaine W.

How do I remove the original head to switch to a Echo Rapid loader string head?

Hi Fontaine,
here’s a video describing how to remove the trimmer head. A breif description is disconnect the spark plug wire, insert the locking rod into the hole between the shield and the head, rotate the trimmer head.

Lock the Shaft of FL25 Trimmer

Weedeater Featherlite FL25 Shaft

From: Harold G.

I want to lock the shaft of the FL25 to place a new head on it but I don’t know what to use to lock the shaft. Can you help me?

Hi Harold,
To lock the shaft on trimmer, you should unplug the spark-plug wire first. Then insert the locking rod in the hole between the shield and head. Lock the shaft by turning the trimmer head.

Unknown Trimmer Model


Harry W.

It starts and runs for 2-3 minutes and quits. I can restart by choking it but then it dies. If I let it cool down trimmer will restart and then die again after 2-3 min. Help!

Hi Harry,
The number you wrote in the message subject is not the trimmer model, perhaps it is the manufacturer’s serial number for your product. If the trimmer only starts when it’s cold, a vent hole is maybe plugged on the gas cap.

Returning FL20C Back to Store

Featherlite FL20C

From: Evon C.

I’m having problem keeping it started and making it keep the string in tact. I just got it about a month or two from Walmart and they refuse to exchange it for a new one. Can I return it to you all to get another one? I’m disable, single mother with one child trying to make it as best as I can with God’s help. Thanks and may God keep Blessing this company.

Hi Evon,
If you have warranty, why do they refuse to return it back?
This is not an official website, so I can’t help you with returning trimmer to factory. Website is financed by other methods as it’s stated on Privacy page, it’s not affiliated by manufacturer. At this point both quality of products and companies’ behaviour come to the question. Looking from our side, the only way we can help you is to give some tips to repair your FL20C. First of all, check is fuel-to-oil ratio correctly mixed. Then read about trimmer carubertor adjustments. If anything is broken, you can order parts at low prices (around $10).

Trimmer Guard for the Featherlite Weed Wacker

Trimmer Guard

From: Phil H.

Trimmer Guard for the Featherlite weed wacker, were can I find a cheap one or used?

Hi Phil,
Sorry but I can help you unless you send me the model name.

Where can I find Replacement Trigger for FL25?

Trigger for FL25

From: Jonathan T.

PLEASE: Where can I find a place to replace the trigger on my weedeater, and also clean and tune it. I live in Chevy Chase, DC, zip code 20015. Please answer this question.

Hi Jonathan,
Please find the link for the parts list for FL25, trigger is at 5th position under the part serial number #530038682. You can use it on services like Amazon or Sears to find it.

Weedeater Caught on Fire

Weedeater Trimmer Burned

From: Scott S.

I bought this weedeater in April of this year. I recently used it and the neck next to the rotating end caught on fire. I have owned several of these in my day and never have I had this kind of problem. I’ve especially never had a problem so soon after purchasing one. I don’t have my receipt for this, so I can’t take it back to the retailer, so I was wondering what can be done about this?

Hi Scott,
if you don’t have receipt, the only thing you can do is to try to repair it. Replacement parts can be found on our website, if your model isn’t supported, please contact again and we’ll upload parts diagram.

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