How do I Find the Model Number of my Weedeater Featherlite?

Find the Model Number of my Weedeater Featherlite?

From: Tami J.

How do I find the model number of my Weedeater Featherlite?

Hi Tami,
To find out the model name of your Weedeater Featherlite use the parts list or the bill you got from store. Most trimmers don’t have model name on cover, so you can check it on parts page where trimmers are sorted by the type (gas, electric) and series (FL, SST, RT, RTE, XT…).

FL25C Featherlite Weedeater Trimmer Cover

FL25C Trimmer Cover

From: Dave B.

I need a contact # to order a part for this weedeater- the trimmer cover.

Hi Dave,
Please look at parts list for FL25C, are you looking for Cover-Air Box at #21 position, number #530057584?

Weedeater Featherlite Started Smoking and Melted Off

Trimmer Started Smoking and Melted Off

From: Robyn S.

I bought a weedeater Featherlite from Walmart in may and only used it 2 times and it started smoking. The bottom thing that holds the string got so hot from the poll it started smoking and melted off. Why did this happen and what can I do to fix it with out buying a new one.

Hi Robyn,
The trimmer string was winded incorrectly or the trimmer had a factory fault. Use your warranty to get a new trimmer if you have only used it twice.

Dissatisfied with Featherlite FX26SCE

Dissatisfied with FX26SCE

From: Wayne W.

I am very dissatisfied with this product and as it stands right now I would not recommend it to any of my friends. I have had to take this weedeater back to the store (Walmart) for the time since purchasing, it there seems to be some sort of malfunction with the choke. Maybe you might consider a recall because unless I am the only one who has this kinda of luck how is it. I am on my second weedeater with the same exact issue and by the way this is very aggrivating and frustrating when you are in the middle of trimming your lawn. Can’t finish work due to a faulty product!

Hi Wayne,
Please use your warranty and return your Featherlite FX26SCE to Walmart where you bought it. This is not the official website so complaining about the quality of trimmers will highlight the issues to new people however will not change anything with the original suppliers.

FL25C Won’t Start and Spills Oil All Over


From: Lois U.

Won’t start and oil all over, bought 4/14/11.

Hi Lous,
Please find information on adjusting the carburetor.

How to remove the entire trimmer head from the shaft of XT25?

XT 25

From: Cal H.

How do I remove the entire trimmer head from the shaft of the XT25 Featherlight plus?

Hi Cal,
Instead of describing it with words, please find some how to guides videos

FX26SC Gas Tank Replacement


From: Noe C.

I think I need a gas tank replacement. I have a gas Weed Eater, inside the the gas container was a loose cylinder metal piece about an inch long. Do I have to replace the tubes? The machine started on choke and half choke but did not stay on when switched to run.

Hi Noe,
The following parts that my be useful for your model, trimmer FX26SC, are: Retainer-Tank #530016445 and Assy-Fuel Tank (including filter, lines, fuel cap) #545104102.

Featherlite XT200 Fuel Line Inside the Gas Tank

Featherlite XT200

From: Corey R.

The fuel line that’s inside the gas tank to suck the fuel from the tank to the engine has broke and I’m in need of a new gas tank and the fuel lines that are in the tank. I am not able to fit anything in them to fix it. I didn’t see anything on the replacement parts you have available. I have been pleased with your products in the past but was a little disappointed with the durability of the lines. I have had to replace pieces to the primer before. For as little as I use this product, I was hoping it would hold up better as some of your products I’ve used before.
Thank you. Corey R., East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Hi Corey,
here’s what I found for XT200: Retainer-Fuel Tank is part #530016379, Kit – Line Carb/Purge #530069247, Kit-Line Tank/Purge #530069216, Fuel Tank Assembly (including cap, fuel lines, filter) has part number #545103802 on diagram.

Buying Light Weight Featherlite


From: Denver S.

I’ve had a featherlite for 13/14 yrs now & it only been in shop once until now. It well starts but I’m thinking on buying a new one. Since my wife is the one who uses it, I brought it for her. Shes only 4′ 11″ small and easy for her to carry. Can u tell me who sells this Featherlite trimmer in Ft. Worth, Texas?

Hi Denver,
I can’t find out official resellers in your hometown, have you thought about buying it online? Most webshops give free shipping for such orders.

Featherlite FX26SC Plug Gap

Featherlite FX26SC

From: Jeff J.

I can not find out were to set the plug gap to on this model.

Hi Jeff,
Spark plug is part #5 on FX26SC engine parts diagram, see image.

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