FL1500 Housing-Impeller (Upper) and a Blower Tube

Featherlite FL1500

From: Clint S.

I need the Housing-Impeller (Upper) and a blower tube. I was wondering how much that will be and where I can order them. Thanks.

Hi Clint,
Parts numbers are #530058713 for Housing-Impeller (Upper) and blower tube should be #530052337. Various webshops sell these parts.

Where to Buy FL20?

Featherlite FL20

From: Kevin D.

Do you still make this model new and where can I buy it. On the internet, all I see is reconditioned units for sale. Also, if I buy the FL25 model, can I use the one string spool on it?

Hi Kevin,
Please find the FL25 at our products page. Good luck with purchase!

Screw on FL1500 Goes in Front or Behind the Impeller Fan

FL 1500

From: Derek C.

Weedeater Featherlite FL1500, I replaced my starter rope/spring assembly, and the barclamp screw WASHER fell out before I could see where it goes back. In front or behind the impeller fan? ”
Further more….
No help on any of the parts list illustrations. This washer fits over the threaded shaft and buts up against the spacer, either where the spacer actually meets the crankcase block (in that scenario it would be between the spacer and the block, and I cant’ see any sign of a washer imprint there), under the starter pawls, or, it goes behind the washer/lockwasher/nut assembly that locks down the impeller. It goes nowhere around the starter assembly, the hole in it is too small, but that’s what the illustrations would suggest.

Hi Derek,
in case it’s not visible on illustration, I can’t help you. Have you tried to google images of FL1500? Maybe you can find on some pictures…

SST25 Throws Objects

Featherlite SST25

From: Jackie P.

My old Featherlite plus broke so my husband bought me this SST25 model yesterday and the first time I used it, things from the ground were flying and it was a very dangerous item to use. I was cut and jabbed with flying objects. I loved my old unit and don’t understand why this one is so dangerous. My old unit had only 1 string and this one has 2. Is that why? I do all of the yard work at my house and I am really afraid of this unit and want to take it back. Do you have any comments or suggestions?

Hi Jackie,
If you set the string right, the trimmer should work fine. It should not throw objects for any reason; check the speed setting before returning it back. Also check to see if a less powerful model is available.

FL25C Turns Off and Won’t Start When Pulling the Cord

FL25C Pull Cord

From: Chuck R.

I have purchased Featherlite twice in the past month and have the same problem. The Weed Eater works for a while and than turns off when I go to start it again the pull cord will not pull, I really like product when it’s working, any help would be appreciated.

Hi Chuck,
Please find a replacement cord at this link.  Alternatively use a warranty to replace your FL25C with new product.

Featherlite Gasket/Diaphragm Kit

Featherlite 711768 Gasket/Diaphragm Kit

From: Alain N.

I need the gasket/diaphragm kit? The button with gas inside for pumping at start moment is broken. Sorry for my bad English.

Hi Alan,
what you posted is some kind of manufacturer’s serial number, not a model name. Here’s a full parts list for every Weedeater trimmer.

Replacement Trigger for my FL20 Weed Eater

Replacement Trigger for FL20

From: Dan W.

I need to order a replacement trigger for my FL20 Weed Eater. Please send me part# and price. Thank you, Dan W.

Hi Dan,
here’s a parts list for your Weed Eater, trigger is #2 on diagram with number #530058000.

Weedeater Featherlite 20cc Fuel Bulb

Weedeater 20cc Fuel Bulb

From: Sherry H.

Need to replace the fuel bulb, where can I purchase this item? Can’t find in stores…

Hi Sherry,
it’s hard to detect which trimmer you own. There are many 20cc trimmers from Weedeater, but FL20 and FL25C are the most common. Please look up there and contact again if you need help.

Featherlite Trimmer 3-Blades Replacement

Featherlite FL20

From: Felicia G.

A neighbor has an attachment to his Featherlite that uses 3 blades instead of string. Can I purchase this from this website.

Hi Felicia,
I found this product: Grass Gator 4600 Weed II Heavy Duty Replacement String Trimmer Head. Although it’s written that “fits most gas trimmers”, check does it matches the shaft on FL20.

Buy a Carb Adjustment Tool for Trimmer

Weedeater Featherlite 25cc 16″ SST

From: Garth D.

Where can I buy a carb adjustment tool for SST25?

Hi Garth,
You can find it on our parts list page

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