SST25 Runs on Half Choke

SST25 Runs on Half Choke

From: Mark G.

After I start the unit on Half choke and it runs for 10 seconds, when I switch it to run it wants to quit running. It runs fine on half choke, but not on the run cycle. Are there any suggestions as to what may be the problem?

The issue you are experiencing is a problem with the carburetor.

FL25C Weight in lbs

SST25 Starter Rope Pulled Out

From: Noah K. R.

Wondering about the differences between this model, FL25C and the original Featherlite model in LBS. Please let me know the weights of each. Thank You so much.

FL25C shipping weight in pounds is 12.15, hope it helps.

SST25 Starter Rope Pulled Out

SST25 Starter Rope Pulled Out

From: Kerry D.

The starter rope pulled out of the unit. How do I replace the rope so I can start using the unit again?

Remove the case and rewind the starter rope again.

FL25C Runs just for 5 Minutes

FL25C Runs just for 5 Minutes

From: Scott M.

There is something wrong with your featherlite. The thing wont stay running it takes 15 min’s to even get the thing started and when it starts going it only runs for 5 to 10 min’s then it shuts off and has a real bad smell coming out of it, something is wrong with it. I bought it at Walmart 2 months ago and I just started using it a week ago and It has been a pain in the ass. I’ve always had a featherlite the last one I had lasted for 4 years and this one is not even running.

if you still have warranty papers, why don’t you return it to get a new model? The most common problem when starting is stalling due to flooding the carburetor with fuel. A proper carburetor adjustment will make it run fine.

FX26S Extreme Trimmer Head Broken

FX26 Extreme Trimmer Head Broken

From: John H.

Gas trimmer. I was using this product for 2 months and the head of the trimmer broken right off. I have taken it back to Lowes they said they can’t replace it and to talk to company. So what can I do please if I had the parts to fix it fine. It needs a new shaft and head it smoked and flew off the end. I think you should replace the thing or give me the parts.

we’ll soon put the parts list for that model. Try to look at the similar models.

SST25 Spark Plug Gap

SST25 Spark Plug Gap

From: Stacy S.

Where the spark plug gap supposed to be- I cannot find manual?

Please find the gap on parts diagram for SST25.

Trimmer Spurts Gas Out the Exhaust

Trimmer Spurts Gas Out the Exhaust

From: Donnie A.

I was wondering what causes my Weedeater to spurt gas out the exhaust when I pull the cord to start? Thanks so much.

Based on your description is is a fuel delivery or fuel quality issue. The carburetor is the most probable cause. There are a lot of answers to your question on support forums and groups, please use search.

New SST25CE Doesn’t Work

SST25CE is Junk

From: Robert D.

I just bought your Weedeater SST25CE from Walmart about two hours ago. I have had an older weedeater for about eight years and have been very happy with it. Needed a new one, so I bought another weedeater. Was I ever wrong! This piece of junk goes back to Walmart and I am going to buy something else. Very hard to start and once it did, will not keep running. Sorry to find out the hard way you are making junk.

Thanks for feedback.

Gas Mixture for an old Weedeater

FL25C Pull Cord

From: V. G.

Inhereted a older feather lite Weedeater (probably from the late 80`s early 90`s) still in good shape. Used very little. The engine tag says 18cc. Couldn`t find a model number. I was wondering what size string & gas mixture to use? 87 octane OK? Also looks like only one feed from the spool to the one exit hole to the hub on this one. Thanks in advance.

it’s hard to determine model number, all newer models use 20cc or higher. The usual gas mixture is 1:50. The string depends on lawn your are using trimmer on, read more about it here. Perhaps it’s better to use thinner line for 18cc trimmer.

Replacement Head for FL20C

FL20C Replacement Head

From: Petie O.

I need a replacement head. Do they make one for it? Thank you.

Hi Petie,
Please find a replacement head here illustration for the trimmmer you own.

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