FX 26 Spark Plug

FX 26 Spark Plug

From: Andrew

The spark plug of my trimmer is broken. I am not sure about the model number for it. Is that champion rcj-8y? I am living in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. That is Vancouver area. Could you please tell me where I can buy it?

Hello Andrew,

The Model Number for the FX26 Spark Plug is RCJ 6Y. You can purchase one below:

Spark Plug




FL20 Fuel Line Problem

FL20 Fuel Line Problem

From: Scott

I recieved a used FL 20 from a neighbor. why is there a large and a fuel small fuel line? Do I need a fuel filter on both lines? And do I need to have both lines extended to the bottom of the fuel tank? Thankyou

Hello Scott,

The small fuel line is the suction line and it needs to have a filter on it. Put the small line throught the hole and into the tank such that the filter lies flat on the bottom of the tank. The other end of the small fuel line connects to the fuel pump side of the carburetor.

The large line is the return line and this does not need a filter. Push this line about an inch into the fuel tank. The other end of this line connects to the fitting on the primer side of the carburetor.

Featherlite 25cc wont start

Featherlite 25cc wont start

From: Gavin

I have a featherlite 25cc, it gets spark, the priming bulb is full and I have even dried out the cylinder making sure it is not flooded…it gets gas into the cylinder but refuses to fire! I bought the POS from walmart about 2-1/2 months ago…Heck I even tried starter fluid trying to get it to fire.

Hello Gavin

Two stroke motors basically have three causes if they are not starting. Namely, spark, compression and gas. Based on your description you may have a compression issue. Two strokes do not like to loose air when cranking over.

Try these steps:

A. Remove the air filter cover (with a screwdriver) and take out the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter. Use a combination of an old toothbrush, rag and a small amount of gas to clean around areas around the filter and filter cover on the featherlite. Reinstate all above back to working order.

B. Remove the muffler cover (with a screw driver) and slide the spark arrestor screen out. Clean this also using the same method at A. Replace the screen if it is sooted up heavily with carbon. Check inside the exhaust port of the muffler to see if it is blocked or damaged.

C. A quick way to check the compression is to pull the featherlite off the ground by the starter cord. If the featherlite drops from its own weight and the cord naturally pulls out then you have low compression. Check the puller cord mechanisms to ensure no parts are damaged.

D. Ensure that your carburettor is tuned and get a mechanic to conduct a compression test. If you have a compression tester you can do this yourself. If you have very bad compression you will need to get the engine overhauled with new valves, gaskets and piston seals. This will properly be more expensive than buying a new unit.

To properly ensure that you have overcome a flooded carburettor please try the following:

Place the featherlite flat. Push the choke switch to “RUN” and pull the cord a few times to clear excess gas. Excess gas will clear after a few pulls of the cord. This will be longer if flooding is more. When excess gas is cleared hold the throttle and pull the cord.

I hope this helps.

Feather Lite Weed Eater FL20 15″Cut 20cc Engine

Feather Lite Weed Eater FL20 15″Cut 20cc Engine

From: Earl

Hello, I need two parts and I have both item numbers ,small kit fuel
line 530069247,and large kit fuel line 530069216.

Hello Earl,

Please find links below where you can purchase both items:

Fuel Lines

Weedeater Featherlite 18cc EM

Weedeater Featherlite 18cc EM

From: Bernie

I have searched all over the machine but nothing lists a model #. However, it is a 18cc EM, 2002 US EPA

PH2, Ser.# 02137N501816-4 (13.52).

My featherlite starts but doesn’t run but for a few seconds. I change the choke level but the same thing happens. I noticed gas on the outside of the tank and that the small gas line next to the large one has been displaced from the hole where it slides into the plastic gas tank. It seems this may be the issue as to some type of vacuum lock due to this issue. Can you please help as this trimmer always worked

wonderfully until now?

Thank You So Much for your time and consideration!

Hello Bernie,

Information on the 18cc-EM featherlite is difficult to find as you have no doubt found out yourself. All weedeaters have two fuel lines (small and large. I have attached a link for the replacement small line for a similar model (FL26) which may fit your model. I would try this before giving up or throwing your featherlight away!

Please also find an exploded parts list for the FL26 and diagram on our website at:

FL26 Parts List

FL26 Fuel Line

FL26 Fuel Line

From: Pete

Where can I get a new fuel line from?

Hello Pete,

The FL26 has two fuels lines. Please find attached a link to the Fuel Line parts:

FL26 Parts

I cannot be sure that replacing these items will solve your issue, as I have based this on your description. However you should be able to inspect the fuel line prior to purchasing anything.


Wont Start

Wont start

From: Gavin

Getting spark, the bulb is primed and ive only used 3/4 tank of gas
in the thing!
So 70 bucks and about 3 hours of use is the new business norm of
ripping people off!!!!????

Hello Gavin,

Weedeaterfeatherlite.com is not the official website but rather an informational site for owners and users of weedeater products. I would encourage you to express your problems on our forum for others to see and learn.

If you tell me which model of weedeater product you have i will try to help you with some basic troubleshooting from my own experiences.

If your weedeater is still in warranty i would suggest returning it.

FL 26 Starting problem

FL 26 Starting problem

From: Trent

I was given a FL 26 from a friend. They told me they used it about
10 times and the pull cord came out and would not retract. I fixed
the pullcord, but now the weedeater will not start. I have replaced
the sparkplug. Any other suggestions on how to get it started?

Hello Trent

The issue could be the following:

Put the trimmer flat and push the primer bulb on motor half a dozen times. Push the choke switch to “FULL” and hold down the throttle. Pull the starter cord half a dozen times. After this adjust choke to “HALF” if the engine sounds as if it’s starting but stalls, move the choke to “RUN” after the engine has been turning over for a more than about 10 seconds.

From here if the FL26 still does not start you may have a flooded carburettor. To clear a flooded carburettor put the trimmer flat. Push the choke switch to “RUN” and pull the cord a few times to clear excess gas. Excess gas will clear after a few pulls of the cord. This will be longer if flooding is more. When excess gas is cleared hold the throttle and pull the cord.

If this does not fix the issue then you have a problem with your carburetor and it will need adjusting.

FX26X Head for string keeps falling off

I have a Weed Eater model FX26S Featherlite Xtreme gas powered. The head for the string keeps falling of I believe the piece that held it in place fell off in the backyard but I can not find it can you please let me know where I can get a replacement piece or tell me how to fix it.


Hello Janice,

From your description it sound like you are missing the retaining clip. This is a very inexpensive and easy item to replace. You should also check to see if your compression spring is missing. Please find these following part numbers and links:

Part Number : 530401957
Part description : Clip – Retainer – head

Part Number : 530053241
Part description : Compression spring

You can find these parts at the link below:

FL26X Parts


I hope this has helped you.

XT260 Spring in Front of Linespool

XT260 Spring in Front of Linespool

From: Jeffrey S.

Need a spring that sits in front of linespool.

we will soon add the list of parts for XT260, maybe similar models with such part match yours.

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