Weedeater Featherlite Model Number?

Weedeater Featherlite model

From: Kevin M.

I have a Weedeater Featherlite model number- I’m not sure, but I am in need of the bulb for priming the carb. I recently replaced the fuel lines and the bulb has split. The unit is 5-6 years old and runs great when I get it all together. Thank you.

Hi Kevin,
thanks for positive comments. You can order primer bulb separately ( Primer Bulb #530038874) or you can buy universal Weedeater Primer Bulb Repair Kit.

FL20 Replacement Line Size


From: Charles

What size replacement line can I use? The line that came with it broke very often. Is there line that is stronger?

Hi Charles,
glad you asked that. The page about trimmer line contains descriptions and types of string. My suggestion is round cutting line, with at least 0.100 inch in diameter.

FX26SCE Gas Line breaks off from its Fuel Tank


From: Ida M.

I have purchased two of these weedeaters in the past. Each time the gas line breaks off from its fuel tank. This thing is dangerous. I’ve only had the last one for a month. Unfortunately, I can’t find my papers to take it back. I’ll never buy another one!

Hi Ida,
I’m sorry you can’t find warranty for your Weedeater, thanks for submitting feedback!

SST XT-25 Pull Starter and DIY problems

Featherlite SST XT-25

From: Dave W.

I’ve had this trimmer since ’96. Never had a problem with it. Now the pull starter won’t engage, rope is fine albeit a little oily. Clicks as I pull it but just won’t hook up and grab motor. Might it just need cleaning or is it AFU? I’m pretty handy at DIY if I can find a parts diagram to refer to. Thanks for any help or advice you can offer. Yours, Dave.

Hi Dave,
I guess acronym AFU stands (politely said) for something like cannot be repaired. As you said, cleaning it is a better idea- why would you pay for something new when you can fix it yourself? Here’s parts list for: carburetor, engine, or handle. You can contact again and send us any part you need (by number) to get it’s actual serial number or link to order it.

Featherlite Fuel Leaks because of hole in the Gas Tank

Feather Light

From: Jack C.

I changed the larger fuel line with the part no from Sears. It fits the brass just fine but is to small for the hole in the gas tank. This causes it to leak! Question. How do I stop the leak? Thanks, Jack. PS love my FeatherLite!

Hi Jack,
it must be slightly smaller or otherwise the fuel would leak out of the tank. Here’s one method from an expert to prevent it: I use a label tag wire (about 10″ long), stick it through the hole and out the fuel cap hole. Snip the fuel line at an angle on the end, punch a hole in it then stick the wire through the line and twist it. Now you can pull the line through the hole. Hope this helps.

Weedeater FL1500LE Blower Choke Lever

Weedeater FL1500LE blower

From: David B.

I am not happy! I bought your blower and the handle sheared off where it joins the engine top, probably from a material defect in the handle and exacerbated by vibration stress. So I bought a second blower. I have had constant problems with keeping it running and have had to keep jiggling the choke lever so it won’t stall. Now the lever broke off. I took the carb apart and went to get a replacement part but it costs $6.60 plus almost 10 bucks to mail a 1/8 oz piece of plastic! This is a poorly designed part… Two 1/16th inch slivers of cheap plastic at a point that receives a lot of usage torque, which, when it fails, renders the whole blower as useless junk. I can fix it but that seems like a potential waste of money for such a flimsy part that will surely fail again… and it would cost more than the blower cost to have a shop do what I can do for free (minus the cost of the part). I have a Featherlite trimmer as well. All of your products seem to have fuel feed problems requiring frequent finessing to keep them running. So what do I do? Who sells and ships this two cent piece of plastic for less than a quarter of what the whole blower itself costs?

Hi David,
please note that this is not an official website to complain. We only report consumer feedback and Weedeater product comparison. Why does the two cent plastic cost $16 in total with shipping is the same thing that interests me…

XT260 Running problems: Pulling, Choke, Gas Mixture


From: Levi H.

I have had this Weedeater for about a month now and have had more problems than anything else. First off I have to pull start it every five minutes and mess with the choke to keep it running, and yes I have used the mixed gas so on and so forth. Also the trim line does not come out as it should and im still on the first line that come with the weedeater.

Hi Levi,
someone will say he’s satisfied with Weedeater, while the others are not. Anyway, thanks for your feedback. Have you tried to adjust the carburetor to make working with your trimmer more effective?

Weed Eater FL25C Gas Trimmer Choke Lever

Weed Eater FL25C Gas Trimmer

From: Nikunj P.

I purchased this trimmer from Walmart and has a broken choke lever so can you please help me with this problem.

Hi Nikunj,
as I’ve answered to Tim below, the warranty is the one of your options. The second one is to order a new choke lever, part number #530057827.

FL20C Bearing on the Bottom of the Shaft


From: Tim R.

Less than 1 year old and hardly used, this unit seems to have ruined a bearing on the bottom of the shaft, above the string container. This is a two piece unit and when I take it apart the unit runs fine. I put the bottom half back on and it won’t stay running. When I spin the bottom there is alot of resistance in the unit. I bought this unit at Wal-Mart last year 2010 and cannot find the receipt. This is the second one I have bought, the first one the bottom broke right off. Is there a defect on this unit? Thank you.

Hi Tim,
if you bought trimmer a year ago, than the only thing you can do is to refer to the warranty: Warranty Length: 2 years. Supplier Warranty: Limited Two Year Warranty on Weed Eater Line Trimmer/Edger. If this productr fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within two years from the date of purchase, Original Power, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the unit free of charge. Proof of purchase is required to validate the warranty period. Good luck!

Gas Cap leaks from the Middle

Gas cap

From: Howard G.

The gas cap leaks from the middle, it will not start now should I get a new cap?

Hi Howard,
gas caps have a small hole in the middle so the vapors can’t create a dangerous pressure in the gas tank. Don’t fill the tank to maximum capacity and gas won’t leak out. In case it’s broken, please contact again and I’ll send you the serial number of trimmer part you are looking for.

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