FX26SCE Spool, Lower Shaft and Warranty Papers

Weedeater FX26

From: Peter L.

I purchased a featherlite FX26SCE 2 weeks ago at Walmart and have used it twice. The second time I used it the end where the spool is got hot and melted and flew off. When the spool flew off it hit the shield and cracked that also. How do I go about getting a new lower shaft, spool and guard. I hadn’t even sent in the warranty papers yet on it.

Hi Peter,
every Weedeater product should include manual and warranty paper that can be used to fix or replace a new trimmer.

FL20 Safety Issues


From: Kathy P.

I have owned the Featherlite FL20 for several years now but have recently discovered a safety issue that I felt I needed to report. I have hair that is down to my waist and normally pull it under a hat when I use the FeatherLite. Last week I just pulled my hair into a high ponytail on my head. Imagine my surpise when I was trimming around a tree and my head was flung back and the butt end of the weed eater ended up about 6 inches from my head. I discovered that my hair had been sucked in to the motor thru one of the holes in the back. Luckily my fiance is a mechanic and took the end apart and managed to get most of my hair out of the silver wheel. I ended up losing some patches of hair, my hair was burnt and I now have major split ends, but I did not end up in a hospital or anything like that. The only thing that broke on the weedeater was the kill switch and we ordered a new one and replaced the part. I feel obligated to let you know of this accident as maybe it has happened before or could happen to someone in the future. I am not sure if on newer trimmer models there is some type of screen covering the openings so that nothing gets caught in it, but it may be something to consider in the future. Please look into some type of cover so that this does not happen to anyone else. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hi Kathy,
thank you very much for the warning! I’m sure your reply will help someone prevent getting seriously injured. I wish you fast recovery.

FL20C Plastics Melted Appart


From: Trevor H.

I am really disappointed in this machine. Bought it during last year and used it for the second time today. The bottom all melted apart in less than 5 minutes of use trimming grass… What will you do about this? What a waste of money. This is my second weedeater in 2 years and the first one died after one use… Please help me out.

Hi Trevor,
if you bought trimmer a year ago, than the only thing you can do is to refer to the warranty: Warranty Length: 2 years. Supplier Warranty: Limited Two Year Warranty on Weed Eater Line Trimmer/Edger. If this productr fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within two years from the date of purchase, Original Power, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the unit free of charge. Proof of purchase is required to validate the warranty period. Good luck!

Buying Line Limiter Blade


From: Matt F.

I need to buy a line limiter blade… Is it possible to buy parts for a Featherlite weedeater from a store or a website? I have looked at Walmart and Lowes and cannot find one.

Hi Matt,
could you please be more precise? Which Weedeater model do you owe, and can you tell me serial number of part you are looking for from this parts list?
The only thing I could find that matches your query is part #530350362 line limiter

SST25 Gas Tank with Hoses Replacement


From: Shane H.

Serial # 95138N(-1) I need to know where and how much I can get a gas tank with hoses replacement? Both my Hoses have split that carry the gas to the engine. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank You!

Hi Shane,
you are probably looking for a part #545075305 (fuel tank), if not please contact again!

SST25 Repairing or Buying New


From: Frances S.

SST25 I purchased one of these 2 weeks ago it would not run on the run postion. I returned it purchased another one, registered it, have the same problem, emailed about the problem, told to take it to a repair shop. Not going to happen I should nor be expected to pay for a repair on a new product, I will return it to the store and will not buy any more of your products.

Hi Frances,
remember that this is not an official website to complain, but however thanks for your feedback!

Weedeater Featherlite Quality and Cost

From: James X.


I was reading the feedbacks and I guess my only true question is: if you know that the quailty of your product is below the average, and peoples money is harder to come by in this economy, then why don’t you up your quality to make it worth the 60 dollars (that’s a days pay for some) that you are having people myself included paying for inferior product. In your defense your not the only company doing this. I have had to buy 2 of this weedeaters in the last year because it doesn’t hold up. It will not start. Word of mouth advertising good or bad last forever.

Hi James,
if your read the privacy policy than you surely know this website is not responsible for the quality of products. It’s all about feedbacks related to trimmers and consumers words: good or bad, so thank you for your time and reply- it will help someone to think twice before buying.

Weedeater SST25 Trimmer Head Spins when Idle

From: Paul F.
Subject: Weedeater SST25
Hi, I had called a weed eater rep about the SST25 I had just bought and was told that the trimmer head should stop when machine was throttled down. Mine didn’t do this so I brought it back and got a new machine but the head still spins quite fast at idle. Is this normal? Paul

Hi Paul,
it’s not normal, but you can fix it by adjusting the carburetor. Since the carburetor controls the spinning speed of trimmer while idle, screwing/unscrewing a tiny screw on it will change the weedeater’s speed. Carburetor is usually located near the air filter or muffler.

SST25 problems: new Fuel lines and Filters, cleaned carburetor

SST25 runs on choke

From: Donald S.

I am making a request for another reply for a SST25. I have changed fuel lines and filter. Cleaned carb and plug. It will run on choke a short time but stalls. Trimmer acts like its running out of gas. I see fuel in primer bulb. Is this more clear on my problem?

Hi Donald,
I’m not a mechanic, but I’ll try to help. The most common problem for trimmers that won’t stay running is a fuel line. Since you have changed it, check is it plugged correctly and does it suck the air causing trimmer to stop. One more thing that’s possible cause of problem: exhaust screen (spark arrestor precisely) may become clogged. You should also check are your new filters blocked and is the spark plug wet. Hope this will work for you!

Featherlite FL20 15-inch cut

Featherlite FL20 15″ cut

From: Linda

I bought a weedeater Featherlite year before last mid-season. I needed something light weight. Did everything by the book. It ran ok that year, the next year, it wouldn’t crank. Had to put it into repair shop. $45.00 repair bill. I used it half a year due to getting it back mid-season. Ran OK. Went to crank it this year…guess what? It wouldn’t crank…same problem. I am not going to pay another $45.00 repair bill for a $89.00 weedeater. I am very disappointed in this product. I always thought I could count on a Weedeater, but I found out I can’t. I am a widowed lady with limited income. This is been a very hard thing for me to swallow. I really expected more from Weedeater. I am so disappointed. I would like a refund of this product so I can have the money to buy one that will work. Or you can replace it with one that will work. I just can’t afford to loose this money on a faulty product. I trusted your company. Now, let’s see what you are made of.

Hello Linda,
I’m so sorry but I can’t help you, the website is not an official to complain. This website has informational purpose and contains objective information obtained from reviews. We disclaim from any responsibility related to product’s quality (our privacy policy). As it’s written on homepage: Reviews are ambivalent. Generally, people are satisfied with lawn trimmers because of an economical purchase that simultaneously has acceptable quality, while some believe that the device is not worth buying. Again, my deep apologies but I cannot do anything about your problem.

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