Weedeater Featherlite new Spring

Weedeater Featherlite

From: Michele K.
My father has a weedeater Featherlite and he needs a new spring for it. I saw here on your website you have all the parts listed but couldn’t find where I could purchase one. Sears online and in the store, were not helpful. I don’t think it should be so difficult to find a spring. Please let me know where I can get one. Thank you.

Hello Michele,
yes- it’s not so difficult to find a part, but you should write your product’s model name. Otherwise, it is not possible. Please let us know which product do you own so we could help you!

SST25 Operating Problems with new parts


From: Donald S.

I’m having problems getting started and keeping running SST25- new fuel lines, new filter, have a mechanic who needs information on carb screws, settings etc. He doesn’t work on this brand.

Hi Donald,
sorry but your question was incomprehensible, I’ve added commas to make it more clear. I hope I hit the point- it’s very difficult to make a quality reply to unclear and ambiguous questions, but I’ll give my best. If you need new fuel line for your SST25 trimmer, there are two parts: Kit-Fuel Line (Small), number 530069247 and Kit-Fuel Line (Large) part number 530069216. When speaking about new filters: Foam-Air Filter is numbered 530057781 and Assy-Fuel Tank (including filter, lines and fuel cap) is part 545104103. What kind of information do you need about carb screws? The carb consists of few parts, you get those screws altogether with each part requiring them. The settings are available in the operating manual.

Weed Eater Featherlite FL21 drive cable

Weed Eater Featherlite FL21

From: Jeff H.

I have a weed eater Featherlite FL21. I have looked in the parts I can not find any thing on that model, and I need the drive cable.

Hi Jeff,
can you please be more specific, the only part containing word ‘cable’ on FL21 parts list is ‘Assy Throttle Cable’ with serial 530071548. It’s number 4 on this picture. If not, please contact again and write down exactly the name of a part you are looking for (by its name, or number on that picture).

Weedeater XT260 Repair Problems

Weedeater XT260

From: Randy D.

I’ve had nothing but problems with this piece of junk. I’ve had it three seasons and twice its been in repair. The starter coil rope will not rewind. I will never buy one of your products again, and I will make sure to tell ALL my friends. Nothing more frustrating than going to use this, and have it not perform. This is my second time contacting you with no response.

Hello Randy,
first of all, be sure this is the first contact form you submitted. We’ve checked the incoming messages and not a single one was delivered from your email address! The second thing you should consider is that this is not an official website to complain. The quality of trimmers posted here is company’s responsibility. Read privacy policy for details, if you haven’t did it already. As it’s written on homepage: Reviews are ambivalent. Generally, people are satisfied with lawn trimmers because of an economical purchase that simultaneously has acceptable quality, while some believe that the device is not worth buying, so you obviously belong in the second category. However, thanks for your feedback- words from an existing customer are worth of gold to people who are planning to buy a trimmer!

Featherlite XT260 Fuel Tank

Featherlite XT260

From: Lee

Could I get the official part number for the fuel tank for a Featherlite XT260 and possibly where I might order one? The fuel lines inside the tank have disentegrated.

Hello Lee,
The official number for Assy-Fuel Tank you are looking for is #545104103 and it includes filter, lines, fuel cap. If you want to order it now: check out two Q/A posts above, at Ben’s answer more precisely. I’m sure one of the mentioned webstores will have this part on stock. Good luck!

Where to buy Parts for Weedeater


From: Lacey H.

Please advise where I can go to buy a part for the weedeater. Do you have a phone number where can call to talk to someone.   Thanks for your help.


Hi Lacey,
Sorry but we don’t have phone support. Could you please respond to us with the model and part description? I’m sure we’ll help you somehow!

SST25C Difficult to Start


From: Dan W.

I purchased a SST25C in May 2010. I have had 2 or 3 Weedeater brand weedeaters over the past 25 years which I was extremely satisfied and I highly recommended Weedeater product. After this purchase, I am very disappointed. It is difficult to start and very time consuming to start even after it has been running recently. I plan to purchase another Weedeater and it will most likely be a Stihl. It is just hard to fathom the difference in this product compared to my previous purchases. Thanks.

Hello Dan,
I really don’t know why the quality of Weedeater products have become worse lately– this is not an official website to complain about quality. I’m sorry if you are disappointed with Weedeater, Stihl may be a good choice! Hope you will be satisfied with purchase, whichever brand you choose.

Throttle Leaver Part Shipping to Australia


From: Ben F.

Where can I get a throttle leaver number 6 on your parts list? As the one on my unit has snapped.

Hi Ben,
The picture represents Weedeater XT65 gas trimmer. This part may be found on other trimmers too, like yours in case you have a different product . The throttle leaver has official serial code 530036556 and it is on our parts list.   If you had troubles with your order, please contact us again!  Check do they ship to your address. Please contact us again if you find website that ships to Sydney, for our further visitors on WeedEaterFeatherlite.com.

Where in Australia can I get part number 530036556? How much will this cost to be sent to Sydney? I understand it is on Amazon, but they will not ship that part to Australia.
Thanks for your help.

Check do they ship to your address. Please contact us again if you find website that ships to Sydney, for our further visitors on WeedEaterFeatherlite.com.

FL1500LE Gas Leaf Blower Broken Handle

Weed Eater FeatherLite FL1500LE gas leaf blower

From: Chuck B.

I love the blower, I’ve bought it for my wife but this is the 2nd handle that broke. It is the rubber piece at the base of the handle and motor. How do I get a new part?
Thanks, Chuck B.

Hello Chuck,
please look at the replacement part list for your model. In case are you looking for a handle under number #1, it is a part with code 530054429 available on our parts lists.

Difference between FL20C and FL25C


From: Robbie A.

What is the difference between FL20C and FL25C Featherlite weedeater?

Hi Robbie,
Weedeater FL20C stands for a trimmer model with 20cc and 2-cycle gas engine. FL25 is more powerful product with prolonged shaft and spring-assist starting feature. As you can see, the trimmer name contains a number that shows how much cubic centimeters it’s engine has. Weedeater Featherlite FL25 has 25cc, offering better performance when trimming in your garden. For other string trimmers see comparison page. Feel free to ask anything related to Weedeater, hope I’ve helped you!

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