Where Can I Buy a FL20C Weedeater Featherlite

My weed eater has stopped working and I’m trying to replace it. I cant find a featherlite FL25C anywhere. Can I order one from your company? I’m a very small/short female and I need a light weight weed eater.



Hi Tammie,

Can you tell us the problem with your existing weedeater?  Alternatively we have compared a number of existing models, and new ones that you may find useful below:




SST25CE Primer Bulb

I need a new primer bulb. I see that it is hermetically sealed on a stem so I cannot just buy a generic bulb. Please email so I can order it today.



Hi Dennis

You are correct the SST25CE featherlite bulb in incorporated into the carburetor.  Not the best design the manufacturer has produced.



Weedeater Featherlite – 2 Year Walmart Replacement Plan

I bought a featherlite xtream gas trimmer from walmart with a 2 year replacement plan on 03/20/2013. they told me to contact yall about a piece that has come part/broke off? because af90 days they have nothing to do with it..

product: Featherlite xtream

Model:FX26SCE 16″/25cc

Serial Number:12094N301555

When I went to start the weedeater i pumped the gas bobble/Bowl and it popped off with the spring under it and a pin and washer fell out from under the gas tank? how do i replace it(since i did buy the 2 year repalcement plan)  since walmart told me to get a hold of you?



Hi Samantha,

Our site weedeaterfeatherlite.com is not an official website for the Weed Eater brand.  Please try their main website.  If you need any tips fixing your weedeater please drop me an email.



Where to Buy Weedeater Featherlites

I bought a weedeater featherlite about 13 years ago and it is still going great.   I got it at Walmart.    Well i have been looking for days now and Walmart or sears doesn’t sell your product.  Who does in the lincolnton nc 28092 area.



Hi Scott,

Please find details of where to buy the currently available weedeater featherlites below.  We even compare each model, so you can select the best weedeater for you:






Old Weedeater Featherlite Parts

I have a weedeater model 711334

3pwes 18 cc gas trimmer. I cannot find any information on replacing the fuel line or who carries it.

Your site does not even have the model listed.

It is about 8 or 10 years old.



Hi Derek

Please check out our page below on repairing perished gas lines:



For your age of weedeater I would suggest the parts 530069216 and 530069247.

If you need a guide for replacing these lines check out our how to guide below:




Weed Eater Featherlite – Primer Bulb

I have 2 featherlite weedeaters. These are the ONLY weedeaters I can use because of the weight. Just love them. Have been using this brand since the early 80’s.

My choaker bubble has cracked and I need a new one. Where can I get them????


Hi Cathy,

Depending on the model of weedeater you own will determine the correct part.

Please check out our primer bulb page below:




Where to Buy a Featherlite FL20 or FL25

Is there an outlet near Boulder Co where I can get one of the above trimmers. Sears no longer carries them. Or decond best, can I order one online. Thanks.


Hi Michael,

Best bet is amazon:  I found a Fl25c below:




W25SFK Tap-n-Go

I have a W25SFK with a fixed line, I want to change it to a tap-n-go head.  What is the correct tap-n-go model and part number for my W25SFK.

Thank you




Hi Paul,

Tap-n-go (R) is not available for your model, only fixed head.


Alternatives to Trimmer Line

Is there an alternate head for use on Weedeater featherlite FX26SCE other than the autofeed line head. I am interested in a head that is flat so as can be dragged on the ground for an even cut. My neighbor has another brand that has a head as described above. I have trouble with trimmer line breaking repeatedly. If there are other head types, even generic please advise.

Thanks Wayne

Hi Wayne,

There are a number of different options on the market:

Grass Gator

Weed Warrior

Grass Gator and Weed Warrior provide both plastic and metal blade options.

Fl25C Part

hi my name is Christopher I am asking you guys pertaining to a certain part of my weedeater 25c. What that part called that’s located near the spool with the silver clips that holds the spool in. I need another part because the silver clips are bend and are no longer holding the spool down. thank you for your help.

Hi Christopher,

The part you are referring to is part of an assembly of 5 items:

  1. Hub
  2. Spring
  3. Clip Retainer
  4. Plug-cylinder Screw
  5. Spool (with Line)

From your description you are referring to the clip retainer.  However I would replace the whole assembly as more than one part may be damaged and it could be cheaper in the long run.

You can either buy these items separately or buy them as a complete assembly.  Please find these parts lists below:

Fl25c Parts

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