Carburetor Adj Tool

Can you tell me where I can get a adjusting tool for the carborator on my featherlite. It seems you have to be a distributor or a sales agent. All I need to do is adjust the carborator.



Hi Chuck,

You can find one below:

Weedeater Carburetor Adjustment Tool

FL20 Weedeater Featherlite Engine Block

I would like to know if you have the engine block for the fl20 weedeater feartherlite 2 cycle I gave you all the information on this  s/n 06102n70887 model#fl20 thank you


Hi Danny

You can find the engine parts below:

Fl20 2-stroke Parts

FL1500i Disintegrated Fuel Lines

My model blower has two fuel lines, vs the single fuel lines that I see in the parts catalogues.  1) both fuel lines have disintegrated inside the fuel tank leaving what I think is the fuel pick up and a coupler.

I need to understand the arrangement for the fuel lines.  Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Robin,

This is a common issue with most trimmers.  Please find a link below for a video how to guide on how to replace the fuel lines and filter.

How to guide:  Replace Fuel lines and Filter

Also please find attached fuel lines parts and filters if you need to purchase replacements for the F1500 model:

Large Fuel Line

Small Fuel Line

Filter / pickup

FX26SCE Primer Bulb Replacement

I own a Weedeater Featherlite FX26SCE and I need to purchase the primer bulb and the only way I can get it is by purchasing a carburetor. Surly, you supply the primer bulb and shaft the bulb is mounted on without having to purchase the carburetor.  Let me know where I can purchase the primer bulb and shaft.  I have only used the weedeater one Summer season and now the plastic bulb is cracked. Everything else is find on the weedeater. I will not be purchasing another Weedeater product if I have to buy a carburetor to replace a $2.00 primer bulb.



Hi Ernie, is not the official website for the weedeater brand.  It is an informational based website created by me  (a novice) to give as much information on the weedeater featherlite products to help you.  I agree that the serviceability of the primer bulb on the FX26SCE has been missed, and unfortunately when it has perished, the only way to fix the issue is to replace the carburetor.  Good Luck.

Where can I Purchase Weedeater Products

Where in Florida can you purchase Weedeater string trimmer products.  I want a featherlite, straight/long shaft 25 cc model.  Checked Home depot on line and they are not shown.  I have this model in Canada and want the same thing to use in the Bahamas.



Hi Frank,

Have you tried searching online amazon?  I have found a Straight shaft featherlite 25cc Gas Trimmer below:

Straight shaft 25cc Gas Trimmer

FL25C Trimmer Head Smoking and Not Rotating

We have a FL25C trimmer that we bought Fall 2013 and used maybe twice. We were using it on 3/10/13 and the line attachment melted at the base of the shaft. I have photos I can send via email if you like. We have bought these trimmers over the past several years with no problem other than just wearing them out. I called customer service and they suggested I take it to a service center, but they could not find one in Asheboro, NC 27205 the closest was in Archdale, which is 20+ miles away and she felt this was strange that there were none closer. Can you offer more help for a solution?

Hello Wendy, is not the official website of the weedeater brand. We are an information only website.

I have come across this problem before. The issue is the rotating cutter head is no longer rotating, although the inner mechanical drive shaft is. This causes much friction causing the head to melt.

If you or a friend is mechanically minded then follow our how to guide on how to fix the problem (link below).

How To fix a non-Rotating Trimmer Head

If you cannot fix it yourself then unfortunately it would be cheaper to replace the whole trimmer. Or if you have warranty with the place of purchase then I would recommend returning it.

Hope this helps.

FL1500LE Replacement Carburetor

I need a new carbureter for our Weedeater Feather lite leaf blower.
model #FL1500LE 711486. can you help me please? Thank you,Bob

Hello Bobby,

The FL1500LE blower has a carburetor with the part number:


You can purchase a replacement here:

Carburetor 530071629

Where can I purchase a Weedeater Featherlite

I brought a weedeater featherlite years ago and I am looking where I can purchased another one. Can you tell me a store I can buy one from. I live in Benton,Louisiana 71006 Bigger cities near me Shreveport, and Bossier City, La

Hello Jean,

You can always buy them at your local hardware store.  However you will 
find better deals on the internet.  I have had a look on the internet 
for you, check them out at the link below below:

We also have a comparison page on our website displaying all the technical
details and with links to where you can buy:

Featherlite Carb/w Bulb

My weed eater bulb cracked it is 8 months old isnt the carb/w bulb under warranty and where do i go for repair/mcallen texas 78504


Hello Lane, is not the official website for the weedeater 
brand.  If the unit is in warranty I would suggest taking it back to the 
place you bought it from, do not forget the original receipt.  If you need
to buy a new bulb they are easy to replace, we have a how to video and 
parts on our website at:
Replacing the primer Bulb 

Weedeater Featherlite Carb Adjustment

I have a unit that does not run smoothly. Where can I get a tool to adjust the carburetor?


Hello Willard,

To adjust the carb follow our how to guide below:
Adjusting the carburetor

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