Weedeater FL1500LE Blower Choke Lever

Weedeater FL1500LE blower

From: David B.

I am not happy! I bought your blower and the handle sheared off where it joins the engine top, probably from a material defect in the handle and exacerbated by vibration stress. So I bought a second blower. I have had constant problems with keeping it running and have had to keep jiggling the choke lever so it won’t stall. Now the lever broke off. I took the carb apart and went to get a replacement part but it costs $6.60 plus almost 10 bucks to mail a 1/8 oz piece of plastic! This is a poorly designed part… Two 1/16th inch slivers of cheap plastic at a point that receives a lot of usage torque, which, when it fails, renders the whole blower as useless junk. I can fix it but that seems like a potential waste of money for such a flimsy part that will surely fail again… and it would cost more than the blower cost to have a shop do what I can do for free (minus the cost of the part). I have a Featherlite trimmer as well. All of your products seem to have fuel feed problems requiring frequent finessing to keep them running. So what do I do? Who sells and ships this two cent piece of plastic for less than a quarter of what the whole blower itself costs?

Hi David,
please note that this is not an official website to complain. We only report consumer feedback and Weedeater product comparison. Why does the two cent plastic cost $16 in total with shipping is the same thing that interests me…

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