Fuel Line and Filter Replacement on a Weedeater Featherlite

The fuel lines on a Weedeater featherlite are notorious for degrading over time and eventually breaking. The fuel filter located on the small fuel line usually needs replacement by this stage. However this does not mean the end of your weedeater! The small and large fuel lines can be replaced and refitted simply with minor skill involved.

The small fuel line is the suction line providing gas to your carburetor from the gas tank. The filter ensures that no materials other than the gas is supplied to the carburetor. The large fuel line is the gas return line from the carburetor. Any excess unused gas is sent straight back to the gas tank.

Follow the listed steps below and watch the video to replace the large and small fuel lines on your Weedeater carburetor:

Safety: Do not forget to use safety glasses and gloves

  1. Open the gas tank cap and pull out the gas filter. Remove any debris or broken fuel lines in the tank.
  2. Remove the small and large fuel lines from the tank. The small line is the fuel suction line supplying gas to the carburetor. The large line is the fuel return line sending excess gas back to the tank.
  3. The fuel filter is attached to the small fuel line only.
  4. Purchase the small and large fuel lines and filter.
  5. Push the large fuel line back through the hole in the gas tank about an inch.
  6. Push the small fuel line into the other hole in the gas tank. Pull this fuel line through the gas tank opening.
  7. Put the fuel filter onto the end of the small gas line you just pulled out of the gas tank opening.
  8. Pull the small fuel line with attached filter back into the gas tank.
  9. Push the other end of the small gas line onto the small carburetor connection.
  10. Push the other end of the large gas line onto the large carburetor connection.

Need a small and large fuel line?


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