Weedeater 2620

Weedeater 2620 Carburetor Parts

Weedeater 2620 Carburetor

#Part #Weedeater 2620 Carburetor Part NameNote
1530035017Screw - Pump Cover
2530035154Pump Cover AssemblyWA - 79
2530035191Cover Fuel PumpWA - 149 # 35183
3530035135Diaphragm Fuel Pump
4530035156Idle Speed Screw
5530035009Gasket-Fuel PumpWA - 79
5530035164Gasket-Fuel PumpWA - 149 # 35183
6530035178Screen-Fuel InletIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
7530035152Diaphragm - PumpWA-79
7530035166Diaphragm-Fuel PumpWA-149 # 35183
8530035133Valve - Throttle
9530035007Ring-Throttle Retainer
10530035138Spring---Throttle Return
11530035015Screw-Throttle ValveIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
12530035132Shaft Assembly-Throttle
13530035023Idle Needle Spring
14530035141Idle Needle
15530035139Spring-Metering LeverIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
16530035106Valve-Inlet NeedleIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
17530035031Lever-MeteringIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
18530035036Spring-High Speed Needle
19530035142Hi Speed Needle
20530035028Pin - Metering Lever
21530035016Screw - Metering Lever Pin
22530035147Circuit Plate Gasket
24530035137Screw-Circuit PlateIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
25530035151Gasket-Metering Diaphragm
27530035153Screw - Assembly - Metering Cover & Throttle Shaft Clip
28530035149Cover - Metering Diaphragm
29530035144Kit Carb - Kwik Repair KitWA - 79
29530035185Carb. Gasket/Diaphragm KitWA - 149 #35183
30530035145Kit Carb - Gasket/DiaphragmWA - 79

Weedeater 2620 Parts

Weedeater 2620

#Part #Weedeater 2620 Part NameNote
1530093744Gear Box Ass'y w/fastenersIncl. 2-27
2530091578Lock Washer, Housing Bolt
4530093703Nut - 6mm - Housing (Gear Box)
5530091578Lock Washer, Housing Bolt
6530091581Oil Hole Plug
8530091586Bearing, Gear Box
9530091587Gear, Bevel
11530091598Ball Bearing
12530091591Collar, Shaft
13530091592Snap Ring
14530091589Oil Seal
15530092143Blade Adaptor
16530091594Gear Housing Lower Plate
17530091595Nut, Plate
19530091573Snap Ring, Gear Housing
20530091574Snap Ring, Gear Housing Bearing
21530091575Bearing, Pinion Gear
22530092329Bearing - Open
23530091576Pinion, Gear
24530093706Bracket Shield/Gear Box
25530093704Bolt, Gear Box - 6mm x 34mm
26530091585Housing, Gear Box
27530091584Fiber-Filler Washer
2895270154710" Brush Blade
29952701546Weed Blade
32530091569Shield Mounting Bracket AssemblyIncl. 37 & 40
33530015405Bolt - #1/4 - 20x2" Hex
35530092231"O" Ring
36530094417Shoulder Strap
37530091613Shield Mounting Bracket Top
39530091572Shield Mounting KitIncl. 41, 42, 43 - 4 each
40530091614Shield Mounting Bracket Bottom
42530091623Washer, Lock
43530093705Screw-Shield Mounti
44530092086Handlebar Grip
45530092079Clamp - Handlebar
46530092084Block, Clamp
47530092062Washer - Cylinder Cover
50952701555Cutting Head Ass'y,Incl. 54-63
51530093087Drive Shaft
52530092113Drive Shaft Assy.
52530093088Pinch Clamp Style
5353009236348" Drive Shaft Housing and Ass'y
56530091425Line Saver
57530091423Drive Adapter
59952711515Spool w/Line
60530091424Cover, Cutting Head
61530091662Cover Screw
62530093602Button & Ring Ass'y
63530091663Allen Wrench - Cutting Head
64530011726Collar Nut
B530064696Operator's Manual

Weedeater 2620 Engine Parts

Weedeater 2620 Engine Part 1

#Part #Weedeater 2620 Engine Part NameNote
1530026119Check Valve
2530010776Fuel Tank AssemblyIncl. #1, 3, 14 & 15
3530014347Fuel Cap (w/ retainer)
4530023661Clamp - Module Lead
6530019059Crankcase Seal
7530015369Shoulder Screw - 10-24x5/8 - Fil. Hd. - Throttle Trigger
8530010316Crankcase AssemblyIncl. 6, 9 & Qty 4 of 7
9530032029Crankshaft Bearing
15530091878Fuel Filter Assembly
16530019112Gasket - Carburetor Case Cover
19530023373Throttle Wire Boot
21530069219Engine Gasket Kit
22530024929Model 1800, Piston Ring
23530015162Wrist Pin Retainer
24530015126Flywheel Key
25530024902Throttle Wire
26530019105Carburetor Case Seal
27530025472Fuel Line Fitting
29530024558Choke Shutter
30530015254Wave Washer
31530015404Screw - 10 - 24 X 2-1/8" - Fil. Hd. - Carburetor Shoulder
34530024438Reed Valve
35530019108Carburetor Case to Crankcase Gasket
36530024409Plastic Housing
37530019157Carburetor Gasket
38530069571Return Line
40530015379Screw - 10 - 24 X 1-7/8" - Fil. Hd. - Carburetor
42530012191Cylinder (28.0CC)
44530036409Muffler Attachment Spring
46530032057Bearing - Wrist Pin
47530026675Assy-C'Shaft & Rod
48530024361Cover - Muffler
49530024364Screen - Spark Arresting
50530024362Body - Muffler
51530024932Spring - Muffler Guard
52530024855Guard - Muffler
53530030054Crankcase Sealant

Weedeater 2620 Engine Part 2
#Part #Weedeater 2620 Engine Part NameNote
2530069178Fan HousingIncl. 14, 16, 17, 18
3530015583Screw-10-24 X 1-1/2
4530024371Air Filter
5530015369Shoulder Screw - 10-24x5/8 - Fil. Hd. - Throttle Trigger
6530024436Bumper - Fuel Tank Housing
7530024656Handle And Fuel Tank Housing
8530002582Grounding Switch Nut
10530024665Handle Cover
11530069182Kit-Grounding SwitcIncl. #8, 29, 44, 45
12530024365Trigger - Throttle
16530015373Screw - #10 x 1/4"
17530015305Screw - 10 - 24 X 1-3/16" - Fil. Hd.
20530016141Screw-Gear Box/Shield
21530626605Flywheel Nut
22530023817Starter Dog Spring
23530015127Flywheel Washer
24530039114Flywheel Assembly
25530024461Trigger Spring
27502271102High Tension Lead AssemblyIncl. 35, 36, 37
28530024435Plug Wire Grommet
29530025995Tab-45 Degree Electrical
31530069181Kit - Ignition Module
32530024303Knob - Choke
33530069196Kit - Clutch Washer (3/8" Flat)
34530069195Kit-Clutch Assy
35530039082High Tension Lead Wire
36530003934Spark Plug Boot
37507475326Spark Plug Boot
38530030077Spark Plug
39530010902Assy-Drum & Couplin
40530011742Collar Nut Style
41530015583Screw-10-24 X 1-1/2
42530093802Bolt - Pinch Clamp
43530015369Shoulder Screw - 10-24x5/8 - Fil. Hd. - Throttle Trigger
45530039122Lead Wire-Ground

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