Weedeater 5000

Weedeater 5000 Carburetor Parts

Weedeater 5000 Carburetor

#Part #Weedeater 5000 Carburetor Part NameNote
1530035017Screw - Pump Cover
2530035154Pump Cover AssemblyWA-79
2530035191Cover Fuel PumpWA-149 #35183
3530035135Diaphragm Fuel PumpWA-79
4530035156Idle Speed Screw
5530035009Gasket-Fuel PumpWA-79
A530035164Gasket-Fuel PumpWA-149 #35183
6530035178Screen-Fuel InletIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
7530035152Diaphragm - PumpWA-79
7530035166Diaphragm-Fuel PumpWA-149 #35183
8530035133Valve - Throttle
9530035007Ring-Throttle Retainer
10530035138Spring---Throttle Return
11530035015Screw-Throttle ValveIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
12530035132Shaft Assembly-Throttle
13530035023Idle Needle Spring
14530035141Idle Needle
15530035139Spring-Metering LeverIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
16530035106Valve-Inlet NeedleIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
17530035031Lever-MeteringIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
18530035036Spring-High Speed Needle
19530035142Hi Speed Needle
20530035028Pin - Metering LeverIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
21530035016Screw - Metering Lever Pin
22530035147Circuit Plate Gasket
24530035137Screw-Circuit PlateIncluded in Carburetor Kwik Repair Kit.
25530035151Gasket-Metering Diaphragm
27530035153Screw - Assembly - Metering Cover & Throttle Shaft Clip
28530035149Cover - Metering Diaphragm
29530035144Kit Carb - Kwik Repair KitWA-79
29530035185Carb. Gasket/Diaphragm KitWA-149
30530035145Kit Carb - Gasket/DiaphragmWA-79

Weedeater 5000 Parts

Weedeater 5000

#Part #Weedeater 5000 Part NameNote
2530092286Pin - Tine
3530092285Screw Kaaz #
C920092285Screw Kaaz #
4530092287Clip - Tine Shaft
5530093136Shield - Grass
8530092284Oil Seal - Tine Shaft
9530092291Retaining Ring
10530092282Bearing - Tine Shaft
11530092279Shaft - Tine
12530092296Bearing - Worm Gear - Upper
13530092295Thrust Collar - Worm Gear
14530092294Bearing - Worm Gear, Needle
17530092292Bearing - Worn Gear, Lower
18530092289Plug - Worm Gear
19530092281Key - Tine Shaft
20530092309Bolt - Gear Housing/Shaft - 6 x 12mm
21530092278Lockwasher 1/4 - Pinch Clamp
22530092277Bolt - Gear Housing
23530092267Gear Box Ass'yIncl. 2-5, 8-28, 34-37, and Gears
24530092275Washer - Grease Plug
25530092274Bolt - Grease Plug
26530092272Gasket - Gear Housing
27530092314Gear Housing Cover
28530092273Screw - Gear Housing - 5 x 14mm
29530015149Washer-Barclamp Screw
30530092059Knob - 1/4 - 20" - Model 2610
31530092302Screw - Bracket/Shaft - 5 x 14mm
32530094449Washer - Bracket/Shaft - 5mm
33530092301Upper Bracket
34530092298Cplg P142-115-2
C920092298Screw Kaaz #
35530092297Oil - Seal
36530092308Spacer 5/16 - Fiber - Pinch Clamp
37530092288Spacer - Tine Shaft
39530092299Lower Bracket - 5mm
40530092307Nut - Bracket / Hood
41530093874Clamp - Drag Stake
42530092304Screw w/Washers - Bracket / Hood 5 x 14mm
43530092309Bolt - Gear Housing/Shaft - 6 x 12mm
44530015567Bolt - Clamp -#5/16 - 18 x 2"
45530001717Coupling Washer
47530093873Drag Stake
48530092317Drive Shaft
49530093135Drive Shaft Housing Assembly
50530015111Nut - Jam -#5/16 - 18
C530066503Operator's Manual
C530066503Operator's Manual

Weedeater 5000 Engine Parts

Weedeater 5000 Engine Part 1

#Part #Weedeater 5000 Engine Part NameNote
1530023817Starter Dog Spring
2530626605Flywheel Nut
3530015127Flywheel Washer
4530039114Flywheel Assembly
7530019059Crankcase Seal
8530015369Shoulder Screw - 10-24x5/8 - Fil. Hd. - Throttle Trigger
9530010757Crankcase AssemblyIncl. 7, 28 & Qty. 4 of #8
10530019112Gasket - Carburetor Case Cover
14530010677Accumulator Cap Ass'y.
15530019128O-Ring - Accumulator Chamber
17530024558Choke Shutter
18530015254Wave Washer
19530015404Screw - 10 - 24 X 2-1/8" - Fil. Hd. - Carburetor Shoulder
21530015126Flywheel Key
22530023373Throttle Wire Boot
22530023373Throttle Wire Boot
23530024902Throttle Wire
23530026177Throttle Wire
24530010651Accumulator Ass'y.Incl. 14, 15 & 34
25530069219Engine Gasket Kit
26530024302Ring - Piston
27530015162Wrist Pin Retainer
28530032029Crankshaft Bearing
30530024438Reed Valve
31530019108Carburetor Case to Crankcase Gasket
32530019105Carburetor Case Seal
33530069571Return Line
33530021055Line-Fuel (Carburet
34530019131O-Ring (Orifice)
35530026029Cover-Carburetor Ca
42530036409Muffler Attachment Spring
43530022198Piston Assembly
44530032057Bearing - Wrist Pin
45530026675Assy-C'Shaft & Rod
46530024409Plastic Housing
47530019157Carburetor Gasket
49530015379Screw - 10 - 24 X 1-7/8" - Fil. Hd. - Carburetor
49530015566Screw-10-24X2 Slott
53530069196Kit - Clutch Washer (3/8" Flat)
54530069194Kit - Clutch Assembly
55530024932Spring - Muffler Guard
56530024855Guard - Muffler
57530010902Assy-Drum & Couplin
58530030054Crankcase Sealant

Weedeater 5000 Engine Part 2
#Part #Weedeater 5000 Engine Part NameNote
2530069178Fan HousingIncl. 16, 20, 27, 28, 31
3530027373Handle Cover
4530026032Injector Button
5530024371Air Filter
8530024436Bumper - Fuel Tank Housing
9530024656Handle And Fuel Tank Housing
13530026679Button - Kill Switch
16530024365Trigger - Throttle
19530024461Trigger Spring
D502271102High Tension Lead Assembly
20530039103High Tension Lead Assembly
24530626605Flywheel Nut
25530023817Starter Dog Spring
26530015127Flywheel Washer
29530039114Flywheel AssemblyIncl. 24
32530024407Spring - Kill Switch
33530024435Plug Wire Grommet
35530024158Lead Wire - Switch
36530069181Kit - Ignition Module
37530024303Knob - Choke
38530010738Pump Ass'y.
39530025995Tab-45 Degree Electrical
40530039082High Tension Lead Wire
41530003934Spark Plug Boot
42507475326Spark Plug Boot
44530030077Spark Plug
45530011641Screw Collar Style
46530015583Screw-10-24 X 1-1/2
47530093802Bolt - Pinch Clamp
48530015369Shoulder Screw - 10-24x5/8 - Fil. Hd. - Throttle Trigger
48530091878Fuel Filter Assembly
49530095646Fuel Pick-up Ass'y.
50530026119Check Valve
51530069247Kit - Line Carb/PurgePart Number 530069247- Purge Lines Required to be Ordered; Old Purge Lines Not Compatible with this Bulb
52530025472Fuel Line Fitting
53530026178Clip - Retainer - Inlet Line
54530026109Fuel Filter (Inlet Line)
55530021052Fuel Inlet Line
56530014347Fuel Cap (w/ retainer)
57530069232Rope (3 ft.)
DA530026512Starting Instructions - Decal
DB530025325Decal - Shroud (Right)
DC530025326Decal - Shroud (Left)

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