Weedeater 670

Weedeater 670 Head Parts

Weedeater 670 Head

#Part #Weedeater 670 PartsNote
2110092835Gasket-Diaphragm Ka
B530092835Motor Leg Assembly
3530092836Plate-Motor Adaptor
4530091458Spring Washer
5530092833Screw-Cable Clamp #1/4-20x3/8"
7530092759Clutch AssemblyIncl. #8, 9, 10 & 11
8530093131Clutch Kit
9530093131Clutch Kit
10530092763Rotor Hub
11530092764Woodruff Key
12530091458Spring Washer
14530092837Clutch Drum Assembly
16530092833Screw-Cable Clamp #1/4-20x3/8"
17530092838Clutch Housing w/Bearing & Bushing
19530092841Clutch Bushing
21530092773Washer, Drive Shaft, Upper & Lower
22530092774Coupling Squared
25530092787Screw-Hex Hd #8 X 3
26530092845Handle Bar (Ieft)
27530092846Handle Grip
28530092847Handle Bar Clamp
30530092776Dr Shaft 5111-00
31530092849Drive Shaft Housing
32530092851Neoprine Guide
33530092852Drive Shaft Housing
34530092853Throttle Control Clip
35530092789Throttle Control Complete
36530092862Tank, Fuel
37110092854Gasket Kaaz #
B530092854Upper Bearing
38530092833Screw-Cable Clamp #1/4-20x3/8"
39530092855Lower Housing
40530092856Blade Guard
41530092857Filler Plate
43530092859Weed Deflector Cup
44530092746Cap,-Fuel Tank-Plastic
45530092863Baffle, Fuel Tank
46530092752Clip, - Fuel Hose
47530092864Hose, Fuel
49530092866Fitting, Fuel
50530093137Washer, Lower Arbor
52530093139Nut 5123-00

Weedeater 670 Parts

Weedeater 670

#Part #Weedeater 670 Head PartsNote
1530092809Head Assembly
3952701510Accy-W/E (4Spool/.0
4530092805Spring, Spool Retainer
5530092806Lower Cover
6530092808Socket Head Cap Screw 3/8 NC x 1-1/4
7530092803Arbor Post
8530340010Retainer, Line
10952701598Accy-W/E 10" Brush

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