Featherlite FL20 15-inch cut

Featherlite FL20 15″ cut

From: Linda

I bought a weedeater Featherlite year before last mid-season. I needed something light weight. Did everything by the book. It ran ok that year, the next year, it wouldn’t crank. Had to put it into repair shop. $45.00 repair bill. I used it half a year due to getting it back mid-season. Ran OK. Went to crank it this year…guess what? It wouldn’t crank…same problem. I am not going to pay another $45.00 repair bill for a $89.00 weedeater. I am very disappointed in this product. I always thought I could count on a Weedeater, but I found out I can’t. I am a widowed lady with limited income. This is been a very hard thing for me to swallow. I really expected more from Weedeater. I am so disappointed. I would like a refund of this product so I can have the money to buy one that will work. Or you can replace it with one that will work. I just can’t afford to loose this money on a faulty product. I trusted your company. Now, let’s see what you are made of.

Hello Linda,
I’m so sorry but I can’t help you, the website is not an official to complain. This website has informational purpose and contains objective information obtained from reviews. We disclaim from any responsibility related to product’s quality (our privacy policy). As it’s written on homepage: Reviews are ambivalent. Generally, people are satisfied with lawn trimmers because of an economical purchase that simultaneously has acceptable quality, while some believe that the device is not worth buying. Again, my deep apologies but I cannot do anything about your problem.

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